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    Best player ever

    The 3 JC's and that Exewebbers is my mile high and final post
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    James Coppinger Bid

    Jay you are right
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    The End of an Era

    Only way is up
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    Spotlight tonight

    middle of June
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    John Challinor - Odds

    him that is, just 5 posts to go folks, any bets on what my 1000 and final one will be about.
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    John Challinor - Odds

    Love to have back in a City Shirt
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    Merci Beaucoup Monsieur Cozic

    good luck Bertie
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    Tisdale Leaving???

    There must have been someone acting on Chegger's behalf.
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    Cureton's Acceptance Speech

    Lets hope goal 21 is scored tomorrow
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    Players Player of the Year Award Winner.

    Congrats Jamie. Hope he stays
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    A view from the Wednesday

    everyone enjoy the day
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    Marcus Stewart

    Liking this thread the best. I agree with you there Music
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    Marcus Stewart: The Man, The Legend

    Rochdale away March 2009
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    Major Player News Tomorrow

    Good luck Marcus, plenty of fond memories for you to look back years ffrom now. All the best.
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    Jamie Cureton

    Congratulations on passing a landmark JC
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    Supporters Team (or anyone willing to take charge!)

    hope to come along to this
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    Best striking partnership?

    JC and Logie and Flynnie with Nards
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    Riding for the Disabled Collection

    I was due to help out with the collection taking place during tomorrows game v Tranmere. Unfortunately due to a family committment i will unable to do so. Please if anyone would be willing to take my place could you pm username toast who would be happy of your help. kind regards Denny
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    Stanno flag stolen

    my time on exeweb comes down to just 20 more posts.