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    The Conference and non league football thread

    Two Claptons but only one Indian Gymkhana!
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    Worst Ever Performance

    Not the worst ever, but one that sticks in the mind is a 1-1 draw against Droylsden, April 2007 I think? Some seriously negative vibes on the Big Bank that night.
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    The Conference and non league football thread

    I went along to Ebbsfleet v Torquay last night. I was impressed by the visitors, they looked very good going forward. Reid took his goal very well- great control and then smashed it into the corner.
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    The Conference and non league football thread

    Thanks- I ended up looking into it as I was unaware there are now two Claptons! I went to their game away at Indian Gymkhana Club on Saturday which was an interesting experience. Free to get in, didn't have official assistant referees. Lots of goals though (5-4) and a good atmosphere.
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    The Dinner Bell Has Rung - new ep. of The Big Bank Theory podcast

    I love it and it is becoming increasingly close to my favourite podcast! The section on the Echo really got me this week, I remember their campaign against the samurai sword well!
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    The Conference and non league football thread

    I was going to go and watch them this Saturday but I didn't realise they were no longer playing at the OSD! Anyone know where they are currently playing? It states in the article Walthamstow, but Wiki says otherwise. I appreciate this is quite niche! Went to Boreham Wood V Notts County last...
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    Newport County v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Have I read this incorrectly or have you criticised Richardson for not taking advantage of the situation and winning a penalty, whilst also criticising a Newport player for doing exactly that?
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    Argyle tickets

    Just a reminder that the season started with an Exeter fan racially abusing Hiram Boateng on Twitter and pro Tommy Robinson songs were heard at a home game a couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure we are in any position to be taking the moral/cultural high ground. I don't see the point in trying to...
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    Argyle tickets

    That’s hardly a radical opinion is it? If I was attending the other 22 away games including Carlisle etc I would like to think i'd be priortised over someone who may have a ST but doesn't do any of the away games. It's about rewarding time and loyalty, not about money (or at least it shouldn't...
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    Former Players

    Come of it! That touch and turn was ridiculous, glad to see him doing well down there.
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    What was the last pub you visited...

    O I work on TCR! Not sure I’m familiar with the Flying Horse but I’ve definitely walked past the John Horner. I tend to drink closer to Warren Street.
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    Welcome Tom Parkes

    So we got very lucky basically? No wonder their manager was livid
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    Jay Stansfield

    Has anyone got an accurate figure on how much the Academy costs per year to run?
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    Coventry City V Exeter City Carabao Cup 1st Round - Matchday Thread

    Well i'm looking forward to it at least! I reckon we will sneak it 2-1.
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    Coventry away

    I’ll be there. Last time I went to St Andrews I walked from New Street which took me roughly 25 minutes and that was at a decent pace. From memory, not a lot around the ground in terms of pubs etc. I’m interested to see how many we will take.
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    Big Bank Theory podcast: Dressed For Snooker

    Only just discovered this but I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the first two episodes! Strikes the right balance of ECFC discussion and random tangents IMO. Looking forward to the next one and keep up the good work!
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    Little things that annoy you

    Weren't you mortally offended earlier in this thread because a Tommy Robinson fan wasn't allowed a pint in a pub?
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    Weston-Super-Mare friendly (Tues 16th)

    Have a Southend supporting colleague... they are down this way (playing Weymouth I believe) and fancied a game. Presume it will be at the Cat & Fiddle?
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    Flybe Struggling (as ever)

    I really, really try not to get wound up by your posts but I just can't help it. Surely you must have some sort of moral compass and there are certain companies/industries that you wouldn't want embedded on your club's shirts? Again, surely you must be aware of the damage gambling addiction...
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    Largest away followings at SJP

    Anyone know the exact amount the away end can hold now? From memory it's only just over 1000. There would definitely be a few clubs in League One who could potentially bring a lot more.