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    Riding for the Disabled Collection

    I was due to help out with the collection taking place during tomorrows game v Tranmere. Unfortunately due to a family committment i will unable to do so. Please if anyone would be willing to take my place could you pm username toast who would be happy of your help. kind regards Denny
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    Happy Birthday to Tullstar 30 lol and David Noble
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    The City Gates

    Folks i shall be dropping Taggy a line about this but just wanted to gauge Exewebs views. I help to run a Brownie Pack in St Thomas which finishes at 7.30 exactly, by 7.32 i was waiting for a bus to get me to the Park, one came but then to my dismay there was a Driver change in the High Street...
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    Tullstar's Birthday

    Happy Birthday Steve.