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  1. CWH-NYC_

    WBA Arrangements

    We do not have any details about tickets for our third round Emirates FA Cup match against West Bromwich Albion to announce at the moment. We are still waiting FA approval on our plans for the match before any details can be released. Any chance of a neutral ground anyone??
  2. CWH-NYC_

    Swindon vs City Match Day Thread

    Well it's getting late somebody has to start it!
  3. CWH-NYC_

    Exeter City Vs York City Matchday Thread

    Seems you have all gone to bed early so I will start it. My track record is not so good and nor is the form table! But never mind, come 5pm it could all be better. UTC!
  4. CWH-NYC_

    ECFC vs Liverpool in NYC

    To City fans "stuck" over here during game time I will be at Nevada Smiths Make yourself known and I am sure I can supply a pint of cider or whatever takes your fancy. CWH
  5. CWH-NYC_

    Sir Tiz up to number 20.

    Closing in on Sir Alex