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  1. Pobbop

    Positivity over the trust years thread

    I was just thinking when watching the EFL show, what amazing things have been achieved by our club since nearly going out of business, I mean Bury were also in a similar situation in that time, survived and decided to go with private ownership. The Championship matches showed Leeds being beaten...
  2. Pobbop

    McAlinden and Reid

    a new partnership to rival Kellow/Beer, Neville/Rowbotham and the like. Yeah I'm getting ridiculously carried away, but they do seem to gel pretty well.
  3. Pobbop

    QPR line-up

    Important match for us I think, a win could give us a big cash bonus , and give us a big confidence boost. A lot of hype about QPR's performance on Saturday, yet they were incredibly lucky to get the win. I think we should go at them, but with pace rather than power, so I'd go: Artur JM-T...
  4. Pobbop

    So who are our rivals then?

    For f*cking years the pansy tw*ts of the Green army of Cornwall have said they're not our rivals because they've been divisions above us. Well now it's been reversed. So who is it who do we consider our rivals, obviously not Torquay, as they're a joke club. Maybe Yeovil, Rovers. What do you reckon?
  5. Pobbop

    next year

    could be a night year for the slime
  6. Pobbop

    Great September signingss

    Okay we've had plenty of old guys come here, and just pick up the wages, Hobson, Goodman, Langley, Taylor. Some of them couldn't be arsed, some had just lost it. Who has been great at the end of their career, I think: Cureton Whitehead Came MacNichol Mentions for Hiley, Miller and Neville...
  7. Pobbop

    Taylor or Harley?

    Who is most important to Exeter City Football Club. Ok this is my first thread on this forum. I just think how much we seem to have improved defensively with Matty T back. We've got options up front or in midfield, but at the back we need a leader. I love Harley, but think Taylor is more...
  8. Pobbop

    Tisdale interviewed on Radio5 soon

    The clue is in the title somewhat. Eleanor Android just announced that the cravatted one will be interviewed in the next hour.:)