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  1. AlanDevlin

    Former Players

    Martin Ling on his mental health issues.... Here
  2. AlanDevlin

    Desperate Times in Demport !

    Harry’s had enough....
  3. AlanDevlin

    That Gap - What to do?

    I put this to a friend of mine who has just retired from the technical side of Sky Spirts. His answer was that the current position has the camera with the sun behind it, meaning the natural light the camera sees on the pitch is of far better quality, and a total absence of flare from the sun if...
  4. AlanDevlin

    Chris Weale departs

    Here’s the man for the job... William ‘Fatty’ Foulke. Said to have been 20 stone and still playing - but apparently only 6 ft 2.
  5. AlanDevlin

    ECFC not fulfilling a fixture

    IIRC it was the bottom 4 from division 4 ( now League 2 ) and the winners of the old Northern Premier League and the winners of the Southern League who applied for election. The Northern Premier and Southern leagues came together as a national league around 1980 after they got together and put...
  6. AlanDevlin

    ECFC not fulfilling a fixture

    IIRC, the two near neighbours Barrow and Workington failed to be re-elected in successive seasons and were replaced by Hereford Utd and Cambridge United.... Peterborough had been in the league several seasons by then.... 1962 sits in the back of my mind for them. Edit.... bit of scurf in the...
  7. AlanDevlin

    Companies House

    The bottom line looks healthy enough. A £1m increase in money owed to the club is balanced by about a £1m increase in VAT and Corporation Tax owed by the Club, so those who owe the Club money better pay up.
  8. AlanDevlin

    Notts County vs Exeter City match day thread

    Ye gods! It is THE Richard Duffy of blow in the bag fame. However old is he?
  9. AlanDevlin

    Exeter City vs MK D*ns build up thread

    Where’s yer Roller? Where’s yer Roller? Where’s yer Roller, Tisdale? Where’s yer Roller Ti-i-sdale?
  10. AlanDevlin

    The Serious Torquay Thread

    One and the same.....
  11. AlanDevlin

    The Serious Torquay Thread

    IIRC he was a victim of the ‘new’ regime soon after Exeweb changed hands. Think he found his way through the minefield between BanterBase and WOWS once too often. Shame- he had a good attitude.
  12. AlanDevlin

    Exeter City vs Northampton Town Matchday Thread

    Any offer on the MVP for the first and second quarters?
  13. AlanDevlin

    Sparksy Sparksy What's The Score !

    Maybe because they are singing our praises in their own little place: Exeter going to be bigger than A****le
  14. AlanDevlin

    European Cup/Champions League winners Vs ECFC

    <edit> Should have gone to Specsavers .....
  15. AlanDevlin

    Was letting go of Norwood the Tisdale's biggest mistake?

    Someone saw some good in Norwood while he was with us as a 1931 funded player - it was Sir Rob that signed him for Tranmere - so Norwood has spent a couple more years there learning his trade before finally coming good.
  16. AlanDevlin

    Tisdale to MK Dons

    It would add a good deal of spice if both teams were still 100% on 28th... it would make for a good gate on the night.
  17. AlanDevlin

    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    Re: Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea (transfer fee update) All it takes is one bad tackle...... ask Alan Beer
  18. AlanDevlin

    Update on the SJP works

    Joking apart... I found the Otter Brewery website recently with this page on it: If they aren’t already on our sponsors list, I read it that they would look favourably on an approach from our commercial team. They are busy with the...
  19. AlanDevlin

    Jonathan Forte Signs

    Re: Jonthan Forte Signs Not related to Piano then......