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  1. Budleigh Brian

    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    On the bench again tonight and did not get on as a sub against Monchengladbach . Has he made a first team appearance yet for RB Leipzig ?
  2. Budleigh Brian

    Obituary Thread

    John McCririck the horse racing broadcaster aged 79 .
  3. Budleigh Brian

    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    European winners medal for Amps , he seems very much a part of the squad as I watch the celebrations on TV .
  4. Budleigh Brian

    Dean Moxey

    But what happens next game do we play 3 centre backs ? O’Shea available again , Troy Brown now fit and Moxey all well worth their place .
  5. Budleigh Brian

    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    I think it is 12 for him now , so only 8 to go !
  6. Budleigh Brian

    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    On the bench he stayed yet again !
  7. Budleigh Brian

    Obituary Thread

    Eric Haydock (75) , guitarist with The Hollies 60’s pop group .
  8. Budleigh Brian

    Obituary Thread

    Al James former Showaddywaddy bassist aged 72 .
  9. Budleigh Brian

    What book are you reading ...

    Wanting a change from the usual books I read , crime , sports and thrillers , I had been recommended some time ago to check out the author Mitch Albom . I decided on his novel ‘ The Five People You Meet In Heaven ‘ well it was a thought-provoking, powerful story , although still a quick and easy...
  10. Budleigh Brian

    Exeter City vs Blackpool FA Cup Round 1 matchday thread

    Interesting to note that JMT not playing for MK Dons today and they have let in 3 already .
  11. Budleigh Brian

    Fair Play

    Very true Grecian2K !
  12. Budleigh Brian

    Clubs we have never played

    The Arsenal match was played on the 2nd December 1964 , I still have the programme somewhere and can remember where I stood for the game but nothing about it . I think you will find that in the Arsenal team that night also was Don Howe , George Eastham , George Armstrong and Terry Neill , they...
  13. Budleigh Brian

    ECFC Transfers, in/outs Summer of 2018

    Lee Martin born in Taunton , so West Country links , could be true !
  14. Budleigh Brian

    Christy Pym

    In all the pictures of the new kit I have not seen Christy Pym modelling the goalkeepers version , am I reading too much into this or have I just missed the photo ?
  15. Budleigh Brian

    Official exeter city v barnet matchday thread

    I think richard_portland you will find that TAH was not yet on the field when Barnet scored .
  16. Budleigh Brian

    Obituary Thread

    Guitarist Tommy Allsup , who nearly 58 years ago famously lost a coin toss for a seat on the plane to Ritchie Valens . The plane crashed killing not only Valens but also Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper , and has become known by those of us of a certain age as " the day the music died " . This was...
  17. Budleigh Brian

    Exeter City v Plymouth Argyle Matchday Thread

    Steve Tully was at the match today , I was wondering if he might take over from Butterfield when he goes .
  18. Budleigh Brian

    Obituary Thread

    Cliff Michelmore aged 96 . During the 40's 50's and 60's he was on the BBC TV & radio with so many programmes such as Two-Way Family Favourites , Tonight and 24 Hours Then later in his career he presented BBC 1's Holiday programme during the 70's and 80's .
  19. Budleigh Brian

    Nichols Watch

    He has now been substituted , probably to tighten up at the back as Posh are down to 9 men .