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  1. Moomin Grecian

    A good footballing side to watch

    Nice words Ant. I do like your commentary and you often seem to commentate on a lot of our away victories unless my memory is cheating. As for our current team, I agree we have a strong squad and I am confident of being top 3 this season. Taylor seems to have found his strongest team which has...
  2. Moomin Grecian

    Carlisle v Exeter City Matchday Thread.

    Who’s summarising today on Radio Devon?
  3. Moomin Grecian

    Former Players

    Tom Nichols on target again for Rovers
  4. Moomin Grecian

    Nicky Ajose

    He’ll come good I’m sure. Bowman took time to get going and perhaps a couple of games off the bench may be a good move. I’d be more concerned if he’d had 4 or 5 clear cut chances and fluffed them. Just hope he doesn’t snatch at his first opportunity out of frustration!
  5. Moomin Grecian

    Exeter City (one) v Swindon Town prediction thread

    2-2 draw. Will be keeping tabs on the game from a sports bar in Albufeira. UTC
  6. Moomin Grecian

    Nicky Law Signs

    Agree 100% I’d imagine that clubs will be in for him so we may have a struggle to keep him. At his age he probably has one big contract left so if we can tie him down that would be great.
  7. Moomin Grecian

    Stevenage A.F.C. V's Exeter City A.F.C. Official Match Day Thread. 10/08/2019

    Jamie Reid equalises from the spot for Torquay
  8. Moomin Grecian

    Summer 2019 - Possible signings

    How have they managed to make something quite simple, so bleddy confusing!
  9. Moomin Grecian

    Summer 2019 - Possible signings

    Isn’t it also deadline day for L1 and 2 but only permanent transfers? The loans till the end of the month?
  10. Moomin Grecian

    Ollie Watkins

    Presumably Brentford won’t want to lose another key player at this stage, but, as we know, every player has a price and if someone offered big bucks I doubt they’d turn it down. Get the feeling Ollie may leave this window as clubs seem to be buying left right and centre lately.
  11. Moomin Grecian

    Squad numbers

    Probably still sorting out a severance package with him, which may be the cause of the delay.
  12. Moomin Grecian

    Number 9 shirt

    Because the agreement was to retire it for 9 seasons. Personally, I have no issue with the number being reintroduced. Stanno will never be forgotten, fans will always sing his name, his giant shirt will be displayed on the BB and the new stand is named after him. I’m sure his family have been...
  13. Moomin Grecian

    Joel Randall out on loan

    I think he’s going to be one of the next young’uns to break through. He’s looked good in the friendlies by all accounts but hopefully this spell will give him vital experience and we can assess him in January.
  14. Moomin Grecian

    Ollie Watkins

    I wonder if something may happen on deadline day? Can’t see Brentford being too keen to sell this late in the window. Perhaps a January move is more likely, particularly if he has a great first half to this season.
  15. Moomin Grecian

    Ollie Watkins

    The same person on the football forum has just suggested to me that Brentford bought out the 20% sell on around a year ago. I don’t think this is the case? Surely we wouldn’t do that considering the profit we’d be in line to make from the deal? He’s also said the fee has been rumoured to be...
  16. Moomin Grecian

    Ollie Watkins

    According to a Brentford fan on the Football Forum, Palace have placed a cash + player bid for Watkins. Potentially great news for us but hope we don’t get shafted if the fee is reduced due to the other player being part of the deal.
  17. Moomin Grecian

    Summer 2019 - Possible signings

    Charlie Seaman on trial. Played 10 games at Dundee Utd last season, ex Bournemouth. Worth a look.
  18. Moomin Grecian

    Swansea PSF

    Hoping Wilson will sign for us again and play at right back. Get Sparkes in at left back and that will give us some mobility in those areas. To be honest it sounded like Swansea were slick on the ball and moved it around quickly, which exposed our defence. L2 teams will be a different...
  19. Moomin Grecian

    Dyer and Smerdon join Tiverton on a 6-month loan

    Taylor said the intention was to loan Smerdon out initially, but I did expect him to end up at someone like Bath City, especially as he played NLS last season. He should be a cut above at Tivvy’s level.
  20. Moomin Grecian

    Weston-Super-Mare friendly (Tues 16th)

    MT really does praise Sparkes in his interview. Perhaps he could be one of those that was thrust into action 18 months too soon and he may now be maturing into a good player. It does sound like he’s capable of being a good left back and has the added bonus of being good on the ball too...