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    Barcelona beat Real Madrd yet again...

    Excellent news....lovely to see Mourinho keep coming second best ....
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    How huge is Grant Holt....

    .....and how good is some of Tottenham' s football...
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    If anyone thought Harley got some stick on here...

    ....they should go onto the Brighton site, " North Stand Chat "' where he is being absolutely hammered after yesterday' s performance...usual mindless b*ll*cks about lack of effort, not trying, being a bottler blah blah...I saw Brighton play Burnley last week and he started the game very well...
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    This is England 88

    How good was that ? Joe Gilgun and Vicky McClure as Woody and Lol were brilliant - best TV I have seen all year.
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    Maradona Vs Hungary 1982

    Worth eight minutes of anyone's time on You Tube. Poor quality film and totally unlistenable accompanying music so has to be watched silently but it is forgotten just how good he was before " that " World Cup. All his genius on show here. Only 21 in 1982 but he already had astonishing skill...
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    Oh dear. Harley misses penalty for Brighton... Millwall. First game he has played for a while, too.
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    Loan strikers - lack of goals

    Musing here on a bit of a worrying trend. I recall the following as loan strikers for us over the last couple of years : Marcus Haber - 5 games 0 goals Ryan Taylor - 7 games 0 goals Nick Bignall - 3 ( ? ) games 0 goals Rowan Vine - 2 games 0 goals Have I missed anyone ? I am a massive fan of...
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    Arsenal v Man Utd

    Graeme Souness : " Arsenal have been fabulous ." Redknapp : " Arsenal have been great..." Really ? Am I watching the same - frankly pretty dull - game ? Arsenal are by far my favourite premiership team but I think they have been pretty ordinary - no shots on target and the usual...
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    Man u v schalke

    One of the most one- sided semi finals in living memory. How the hell is it still 0 0 ?
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    Real madrid v Tottenham

    I assume the dreaded co-commentator is Ray Wilkins ? Why can't he just shut the f*ck up if all he is going to do is state the bleedin' obvious ....
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    Barcelona v Arsenal

    Very very well done to Exeter but as i wasn' t there and would rather chew off my own head than invest in Grecian Player given its apparent never ending problems i watched Barcelona absolutely destroy Arsenal. For anyone to dwell on the ridiculous sending off for Van Persie is to completely miss...
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    Ricky Gervais upsets Americans at Golden Globes

    Good for him.
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    England 2 3 Scotland 1967

    Got the DVD of this famous game for Christmas and watched it yesterday. Great to see the full 90 minutes of a game from so long ago rather than a couple of minutes on Youtube. Absolutely fascinating as well. It pointed up a number of differences with today' s football, some of which were to be...
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    50 Test centuries for Tendulkar

    Now THAT is a statistic worthy of respect. No one is ever going to match this. Twenty years at the highest level and one of the greatest sportsmen of all time.
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    So far simply one of the greatest club performances of all time.
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    Haitch or Aitch ?

    How did the bl**dy horrible " haitch " come into such widespread use ? Three different people have used it on me today...
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    Does anyone know how to get the Trust to talk to me ?

    I' m trying to give them money, too.... six emails sent and not one answer...
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    Manchester City pay £16mm for Serbian left back

    It's not often that profligate spending stuns me any more... but this one did.
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    Does anyone know status of David Noble fitness ?

    I seem to recall reading that when we signed him, it was hoped that he would be fit to play by the end of March. Given that is exactly where we are I wonder if we can expect to see him in the squad shortly ?
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    Do we get a cut from away league games ?

    I am very ignorant about how some things currently work and would appreciate it if anyone can enlighten me. Do Exeter get any cut of the gate receipts from away games in the league ? In other words are we financially better off from playing away to Leeds and Norwich as opposed to Forest Green...