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  1. Alistair20000

    September 2019 Points Prediction Thread

    What points from this list mateys ? 07/9 Away Carlisle 14/9 Home Leyton Orient 17/9 Home Port Vale 21/9 Away Newport 28/9 Home Grimsby Workings down to goals scored recommended in case of tie. If you show no workings and are in a tie and others show workings (however wrong) you will be...
  2. Alistair20000

    August 2019 Points Prediction Thread

    What points from this list ? 03/8 Home Macclesfield 10/8 Away Stevenage 17/8 Home Swindon 20/8 Away Oldham 24/8 Away Morecambe 31/8 Home Mansfield Workings recommended in the case of tie. If you show no workings and are in a tie you will be eliminated FINAL ROLL OF HONOUR 2018/19...
  3. Alistair20000

    Exeweb Beat The Bookie 2019/20 Season

    Another season and another chance to win a fortune. The Bookie had the better of punters last season when betting was bleddy difficult indeed. memoman, a former threadmeister took the title last season beating Grecian O'Grecian who sadly does not seem to be posting these days. Can memoman...
  4. Alistair20000

    The Open 2019

    Nightmare start for Rory McIlroy with a quadruple bogey on the first hole. Will someone please note to wake up Stroudy when it is all done and dusted.
  5. Alistair20000

    Madness: Taunton Tonight

    Anybody rocking up for this ?
  6. Alistair20000


    Anyone there or watching ? I assume that the bilge I have just heard before switching over was Stormzy ? Feckin’ dire (n)
  7. Alistair20000

    101 Further Uses For A Boris Johnson

    We did one for Teaser so it is time for Boris. 1. Waffle maker
  8. Alistair20000

    Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur CL Final Match Day Thread

    As we have 2 of our home clubs facing off I thought we should have a thread. COYS (y)
  9. Alistair20000


    I am delighted that Prince Harry and Mrs Prince Harry have decided to name their new baby after emerging ECFC talent Archie Collins. (clap)
  10. Alistair20000

    Grand National 2019

    My sauces report that the Pipe stable (which has hit a bit of form at long last) are hoping for a good run from Ramses De Taille on Saturday. He is only 7 though and the last 7 year old to win was in 1940. Despite that, I am going to have a bit of each way at 25/1. I am also going to have some...
  11. Alistair20000

    April/May 2019 Points Prediction Thread

    One last competition for this season to pick up the remaining seven games. What points from this list ? 06/04 Away Cheltenham 09/04 Away Macclesfield 13/04 Home Port Vale 19/04 Home Crawley 22/04 Away Stevenage 27/04 Home Oldham 04/05 Away Forest Green Detailed workings down to goals...
  12. Alistair20000

    {off) Macclesfield Town v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    As nobody else seems to have bothered here we go. Safe journey to all travelling fans and hoping for 3 points from this one. UTC.
  13. Alistair20000

    Champions League 2018/19

    Well, well, well. Real Madrid dumped out of the Chumps League by Ajax tonight. Rejoice ! Spurs through to the last eight after some wretched recent performances. Poch to Madrid in the summer ?
  14. Alistair20000

    Northampton v City 9 March 2019 General & Predictions

    A rare chance for me and the lad to do an away as we are with friends in Milton Keynes for the weekend. Don't worry they are Norwich fans and detest The Franchise. :) Five of us to cheer on the team. UTC Think it will be a 1-1 draw with Archie Collins scoring for us.
  15. Alistair20000

    March 2019 points prediction thread

    What points from this list in a busy month ? 02/03 Home Tranmere 09/03 Away Northampton Town 12/03 Away Macclesfield 16/03 Home Colchester 23/03 Away Notts County 30/03 Home Mansfield Detailed workings down to goals scored recommended as the tie break regularly kicks in these days. ROLL OF...
  16. Alistair20000

    February 2019 Points Prediction Thread

    What points from this difficult looking list ? 02/02 Home M K Dons 09/02 Away Carlisle 16/02 Home Bury 23/02 Away Crewe 26/02 Away Lincoln City Detailed workings down to goals scored recommended as the tie break regularly kicks in these days. ROLL OF HONOUR (To date) August: Avening Posse...
  17. Alistair20000

    Exeter City v Cambridge United Matchday Thread

    As nobody else has bothered here goes. Hoping for 3 points today. Cannot go through work commitments :( I see from Jason's preview that Michael Salisbury is the ref and we have won three out of three with him in charge: 4-1, 4-0 and 3-1. Some more of that will be welcome. UTC
  18. Alistair20000

    January 2019 Points Prediction Thread

    Starting before the December 2018 competition is over in view of the short time until the first January fixture kicks off. What points will we get from the list below ? Workings down to goals scored recommended in case of a tie break which seems to be every month lately. If you are in a tie...
  19. Alistair20000

    Christmas Day Lunch/Dinner

    Turkey, beef, duck or what for the main course ?
  20. Alistair20000

    Exeter City v Crewe Alexandra Match Day Thread

    Three points to get us going again today please. UTC