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  1. Jordann

    Coming soon to an Exeter near you...

    I'll be back again, yay. The beeb has predicted a horror freeze for my return, which I can only guess that I must be some sort of snow queen bringing bad weather with me. Due to arrive on 01/01/2013 after a horrible 24 hour flight through the ridiculously huge and complicated terminal 3 in...
  2. Jordann


    To see how many threads I've been mentioned in while I've been away.
  3. Jordann

    How bloody frustrating..

    Somehow my BlackBerry PIN for messenger has gotten out (god knows how) and I've had 5 saudi arabian guys add me in the last hour alone. Make it go awaaaaay! They're all "you english wife, me arabic husband." NO, I DONT WANT TO MARRY YOU AND LIVE IN SAUDI ARABIA FOR CHRIST'S SAKE.
  4. Jordann


    I have a love/hate relationship with it. So, who here uses facebook?
  5. Jordann

    How many people on here have children?

    Just thinking about it then. I'm of the general babymaking age and just wondered if/how many children other members have? How old are they? Stepchildren count.
  6. Jordann

    How many people on here have children?

    whoops, double threading.
  7. Jordann

    Looks like

    I'll be back in Exeter earlier than anticipated. Not for desirable reasons, but turns out I'll arrive the morning of the Milton Keynes game on the 23rd of October and most likely attend it before I come home on the train. Grand :D
  8. Jordann

    I think...

    I must be slowly going blind. I just took my glasses off to look down the street for something and I could barely see :O How many of you here wear glasses or contacts?
  9. Jordann


    Season of the year? (Football season counts as a fifth season, surely? :P)
  10. Jordann

    I don't believe i've introduced myself...

    I always feel like a bit of a useless tit when I post an introduction, but if I dont then I just feel incomplete! Well, my name's Jordann (duh.) and I'm of the female persuasion. I don't really know many of you, but I do know the self-professed god of internet shows, the one and only Graham...
  11. Jordann


    Does anyone plan in advance which away games they're going to when the fixture is first released? I wouldn't be that picky about deciding earlier if I was in the UK at the moment, but seeing as I won't be back in Exeter until November I'm thinking I may as well try and plan a little bit so I can...