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    Newport County v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Okay here goes! Three points would be really nice! UTC
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    Exeter City v Mansfield Town Matchday Thread

    Hopefully we'll obtain 3 points today to cement our spot at the top of the table! UTC
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    Exeter City v Macclesfield Town Matchday Thread

    Hoping for a flying start with a win, but I dont think it'll be easy since nobody seems to know much about a lot of our new players. I'll go a draw 2-2 UTC
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    Exeter City a Complete Record 1904 - 1990 on ebay

    A quick public service announcement chums. I just noticed two of the above now collectable City 'Bibles' on ebay. Both at $15.50. It looks like they are advertised as being in the US so postage might enter into it. See what you think, there cant be that many about any more. PS: I might just get...
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    Revision to infraction points and ban rules perhaps?

    With the re-introduction of the Development Forum, could I politely suggest a fairer way in which infraction points, and ultimately bans are issued to members. The present rule is 'three strikes and you're out', meaning if you get banned on three seperate occasions you got the dreaded exeweb...
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    That Gap - What to do?

    I know I'm running a risk of ridicule and urine extraction regarding this topic, but here goes anyway... Last season, I inquired of the club about a feasability study at the very least regarding that farcical stand that the whole world gets to look at via TV highlights etc, and what it would...
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    So, where did we go wrong?

    I see the blame game for today is starting up at the latter end of the matchday thread, so I thought this thread might be useful since that game was in our hands today and we really should have won it, no question. For what its worth, I thought Bowman had a tremendous game today playing out of...
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    Forest Green Rovers v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Without doubt a 'must win' game! Hopefully tomorrow teatime we'll be in the playoffs! UTC
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    Newport County v Oldham Athletic "fingers crossed" thread

    Like others I'm sure, I'll be following this match with much hope and anticipation. I hope that Oldham will bounce back from their defeat last saturday and get 3 points at Newport. Oldham have nothing to play for now, but I believe they'll still take on Newport with a point to prove. Newport...
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    Exeter City v Port Vale Matchday Thread

    Another 'must win' game, like last weeks! I think we'll just about do it against a team with nothing to play for... UTC
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    Macclesfield v Exeter City Matchday Thread..

    Now this really is a 'should win' game. Look at the amount of goals they've conceeded in their fight to stay in the league. Big Sol is pulling out all the stops, but I think we'll get a 3-1 victory. I hope Hamon is up for it! UTC
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    Exeter City v Colchester United Matchday Thread

    A must-win game I feel, if we're to stay in playoffs contention. UTC!!
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    Citys 'problem' fans at home and away

    I see the matchday thread is about to turn into a debate about the conduct of some of Citys supporters; with their poor choice of chanting/singing material. Could we now continue on this thread, instead of totally derailing another thread, as was the case last week with complaints about some...
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    Gordon Banks Ongoing tributes - Funeral Arrangements

    I see the great man is being laid to rest on March 4th. Probably the last of the orthodox keepers that was left. He was a great keeper and what used to be known as a "mans man". Nobody has mentioned yet the time that Banks played in a friendly for Stoke City at St James Park in the pre-season...
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    Carlisle United v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Gone 2.30 am and nobodys excited enough to start it? Okay, here goes: An extremely tough game I'd say, but we dont half need 3 points!
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    Exeter City v Morecambe Matchday Thread

    C,mon City! Three points please!
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    Exeter City v Grimsby Town Matchday Thread

    Nobody else bothered? Should be a good game with Stockley getting another brace!
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    So what are you doing this afternoon?

    Like a silly bugger, I set the alarm to get up for a City match! Forgot; No game! I dont know what to do with myself? Whats everybody else doing? Being dragged into town by the missus? Watching a classy PL game on Sky? Innit a bummer when we dont have a game, just when we're on a roll?
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    Exeter City 'Bible' 1904 -1990 A Complete Record

    I see one of the above 'must have' books has cropped up on ebay again. Its $32.05 or best offer. Shipping $16.36. Its from the UK so I wouldnt have thought the seller would charge that much! Good Luck!
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    Leicester City Tragedy

    News coming through here about the terrible helicopter crash that took the life of the owner/chairman last evening. Absolutely awful. A terrible tragedy. Thoughts go to the bereaved.