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    City to play Fluminense in Rio - 20th July 2014

    More to follow...
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    Wimbledon v Exeter City Official Match Day Thread

    Come on youuuuuu reddddds!
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    3 Wimbledon tickets available

    ... in Exeter. Long shot I know but I'm working now so can't make it. Feel free to get in touch if interested.
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    Official Rotherham v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    ... go on then. I'll start it. Just hope the game is on and the road passable!
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    Figured I'd restart this seeing as it's this weekend. If I'm not knackered from trying to save Exeweb, I'll be there! Anyone else?
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    Exeweb Upgrades :- New Server, New Software, New Look

    In the next couple of weeks we need to move Exeweb to a new server. Steve's hosting contract comes to expiry and the handover from Steve to our new group (oh go on then... the 'steering committee' :p) completes. In order to make the switch, we need to upgrade the forum software from vBulletin...
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    Bargain Travel to Bournemouth Away with the SIEGE ARMY! :-)

    Evening all, Just a quick note to say that I, on behalf of the Siege Army, am arranging a SIEGE BUS to Bournemouth on 4th Feb. Support the Siege and get to Bournemouth at a Bargain price! The coach will be leaving M5 Junction 27 ('Tiverton Services') at around 9:45am, Exeter City Centre at...
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    Taggy and Henderson are off to Brazil!,,10436~2578195,00.html Exeter City vs Brazil... would be nice... and good for the coffers I guess.
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    Tiered Pricing (18-21)

    A lot of clubs do it... I think it would raise our gates. The difference in price between 18 and 19 is quite high. You go from paying £5/game on the BB to £17. That's more than 3 times the price and a big shock to the system when you've been going week in week out paying just a fiver. I...
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    Tisdale is 39 on Saturday!

    Hopefully the lads give him 3-points for his birthday! ... and let's all sing him a Happy Birthday from the stands :-)
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    Calling all budding Journos!

    How do you fancy writing for Exeweb? It is our plan over the coming weeks to re-introduce news and content to the front end of Exeweb and to assist us with this aim we are appealing for those interested in writing for Exeweb on a voluntary basis to get in touch. If you have a way with words...
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    The Football League Show is a Gonner

    So... no more FLS on the Beeb from the end of the season. Wonder if any of the other terrestrials will bid for the rights for highlights instead? Will take an already long programme even longer with all the bloomin ads...
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    Artur Condemns Noble Boos! I agree with him :-)
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    Street Art

    Thought I would share a great link :-
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    Santa Dash

    Anyone else taking part? Poultice, you giving it a go?
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    Leyton Orient U18 Ticket Available

    Got one of these available for a fiver due to someone now not going. If interested pls email [email protected] Will be able to meet someone before the game Rgds, Liam
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    Leyton Orient Pre-Siege - The BirkBeck

    From @ECFCSiegeArmy : The hope is we can get a group of like-minded Siege Army supporters together who can then walk down to the ground in a bigger group and make sure we're all in the same place for the game. If you are on Twitter, please RT :-). Spread the word. Will you be there?
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    Peter Ridsdale is off to PNE!

    Goodbye Preston :-,,10362~2538728,00.html
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    Taylor renews his loan

    Until Dec 31st. From Reading's website. The OS is a bit slow with getting its' news out I guess!,,10306~2525055,00.html I like this bit :- Just gotta get through tonight. Come on you Reds!!!
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    Ticket Prices for FA CUP 2nd Round Replay

    So... if Walsall supposedly wouldn't let us drop our ticket prices - why did we let them drop theirs for the replay? With the momentum behind the siege inevitably lost and with their ticket prices lowered I expect we'll see a higher gate and better atmosphere than last time from the home fans...