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  1. tonykellowfan

    Nicky Ajose

    No manager is going to get every signing right as there is always an uncertain element to a new player. Name any top manager you like and I can name a duff signing they have made. Lee Martin took quite a while to settle into the area and the team but now looks like quality. Even Bowman who...
  2. tonykellowfan

    Exeter City v Port Vale 17/9/19 Match Day Thread

    Williams started to play well at the end of last season and he has carried on that improved form this season. For example at the end of last season he was MOM for me in the Stevenage game.
  3. tonykellowfan

    Taylor turns down approach from other club

    The thing is that football is a fickle business as Rob Edwards found to his cost. Taylor is still learning the manager's job, he has plenty of time to move on. The treatment of Tisdale showed that the club will be loyal to a manager and Tisdale waited for the "right" move for him, which is fair...
  4. tonykellowfan

    September 2019 Points Prediction Thread

    Can we get an update pls?
  5. tonykellowfan

    Our Academy getting noticed.......Again

    Great article, although this made me laugh: "Three quarters of a million pounds from the sale of Grimes helped to fund the aesthetic pitches at the training ground." Presumably that should be "synthetic pitches".
  6. tonykellowfan

    Whats happened to Exeweb?

    Thanks guys, clearly I hadn't realised that the recent change was designed to make it easier on the phone! Agree it's much better now.
  7. tonykellowfan

    Whats happened to Exeweb?

    I think part of the reason that exeweb is used less is that it does not work very well on a phone. It's ok on a PC but trying to access and post via a phone is a nightmare.
  8. tonykellowfan

    Carlisle v Exeter City Matchday Thread.

    So many chances created! Great performance, so pleased for MT and the players.
  9. tonykellowfan

    League 2 News

    Mate of mine is a Luton supporter and he was over the moon when Nathan Jones left. Apparently he is a bit of a nutter.
  10. tonykellowfan

    Nicky Ajose

    Ajose has plenty of time to grow into his role and the squad. He may not be first choice in the XI currently, but there will be injuries and fixtures like this where he has a chance to force his way in.
  11. tonykellowfan

    Exeter v Chelt'num - Trophy - Matchday Thread

    Great save from Maxted and tidy play from the front players from the highlights. We at last seem to have some strength in depth in the squad.
  12. tonykellowfan

    September 2019 Points Prediction Thread

    07/9 Away Carlisle L 1-2 14/9 Home Leyton Orient W 3-1 17/9 Home Port Vale W 2-0 21/9 Away Newport D 2-2 28/9 Home Grimsby D 1-1 8 points
  13. tonykellowfan

    How good are Exeter?

    You also have to remember that this is league 2 and the standard in some games is poor. We can look good for 6 games and then lose 3-0. As can all the teams in the league. However as you have noticed we are strong at the back and this probably will give us an edge over the whole season. We have...
  14. tonykellowfan

    Jack Sparkes

    John Terry played all his youth football in midfield. It is not uncommon for players to be moved "backwards" on the pitch as their career progresses.
  15. tonykellowfan

    Christy Pym

    Back to back wins and both clean sheets for Pym. Glad he is doing well.
  16. tonykellowfan

    Morecambe AFC v's Exeter City AFC Official Match Day Thread. LD2 25/8/19

    Ward looks very good to me but of course there will be errors over the season. The first goal he had no chance but the second he was a bit on his heels.
  17. tonykellowfan

    Nicky Ajose

    It’s very early in the season to judge there will be injuries and line up changes as the season progresses. He will have plenty of time to show what he can do.
  18. tonykellowfan

    England's Ashes Test Team

    They need to play a front line spinner, part of the reason Leach is in there is Smith is seen to be vulnerable to left arm spin.
  19. tonykellowfan

    Coventry City V Exeter City Carabao Cup 1st Round - Matchday Thread

    This is an ideal game to rest Woodman and play Sparkes. But when it comes to Swindon on Saturday I bet Woodman plays.
  20. tonykellowfan

    Coventry City V Exeter City Carabao Cup 1st Round - Matchday Thread

    I think MT values the experience of Moxey and Woodman. We have a new keeper and a new CB (Parkes). He cannot make too many changes too fast.