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    Alex Hartridge

    I always like to see a new thread for an academy player who makes his debut & Alex's performance in today's, quite extraordinary, match certainly merits one IMO. I thought his performance was excellent, even though Grimsby clearly tried to test him out in the first 20 mins of the game with their...
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    Willem Tomlinson

    I don't really do social media, but my oldest son tells me that there is something on twitter about this guy being lined up to sign for us in January. He's a 22 year old midfield player with Blackburn Rovers (possible Eric Kinder connection then) & has apparantly already been training with us...
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    Is it to late...

    To change my vote for goal of the season ? What a screamer. Ollie's second wasn't too bad either.
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    Well done Steve

    Listening to 606 on the way back to Bude & the first caller is Steve, talking about our remarkable come back today. No idea who Steve is, but he represented our club excellently & explained the joys of watching lower league football very well.
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    Is it possible to become an ECFC 'Legend' at the age of 20, after not much more than a dozen games & half a dozen goals ? In view of the importance of the game, the opposition, the timing of the winning goal & the fantastic nature of it, I'm starting to think it may be.
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    Help - Lift required to Stevenage

    With the NDG's mini bus not travelling & the supporters coach fully booked, I am struggling to find transport on Saturday. If anyone has a spare seat I would be geateful to hear from you. I am happy to meet at any pick up point, at any time & contribute whatever is required towards petrol costs.
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    Fun Prediction - Which Club is Matt Grimes off too ?

    Ok, I think we're all pretty much resigned to Matt leaving us for bigger & better (?) things in January, but as of yet I'm not aware that any particular club is a favourite for his signature. So how about we have a bit of fun & see who can accurately predict where he'll be off too. Me, I'll go...
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    So, Sercs or Dunney ?

    To use one of Sturtz's quotes: 'I love Dunney, me.' However, personally, I wouldn't swap him for Liam, although no doubt several would. So it's Sercombe for. I thought he had a great game today.
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    Matt Grimes

    The boy deserves a seperate thread, I think! I was caught completely by surprise when he was named in the side today, having not made the bench in the previous league games, but what a debut! Fantastic passing ability; I can't remember a pass going astray & has very quick feet, which enables him...
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    Dirtiest Team Seen at the Park

    Apologies if this has already the subject of a thread, however I have just been looking at the thread about the shortest player to have appeared for City. LLL mentions Nicky Jennings & for some reason whenever I think of him I always remember the game v Halifax Town, then managed by Alan Ball...
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    Forearm Smash

    Can anyone advise me when this was made legal in football games ? Jake Taylor was 'taken out' by Goodison, off the ball, with his forearm, on at least four occassions. & as for the one on Tulls.....:S
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    Officials this season !

    There's a cliche that decisions will even themselves out over the course of a season. If that's the case then we must due a significant number of favourable decisions over the next few months. This season to date, we seem to have been on the wrong end of more bad decisions than we usually get in...
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    Away Fans

    Anyone aware of the reason for cramming them into the far corner of the away end. I can't say I'd be overly impressed if I was one of them.
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    Supporter of the Year.

    Congratulations to Roland, the Dutch guy, who won the award, for supporter of the year, this afternoon. Anyone know the story of how this guy came to be such an avid City fan ?
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    Tony Roberts

    Great entertainment value today & kept up the banter with the BB throughout the 1st half, even if he made a poor clearance. Tremendous stuff & a great character.
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    Have you ever had better value from a Fiver

    The best £5 I think I have ever spent this afternoon.
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    Cureton's Goal Celebration

    Anyone able to enlighten me what the, gloved, hand over the eyes is all about ?
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    Matty Taylor & Troy

    I am aware several exewebbers have justifiably had real doubts but have the last couple of games answered the question of whether they can play alongside each other in a back three ? I accept that we moved to a back four for the second half yesterday, with TAH in front of them.
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    Which was the best of the 3 goals yesterday ?

    3 quality goals all in the space of a minute during the half time break:) After much thought my vote goes to Codi. but only just. Fantastic to see all three Stanno juniors out there yesterday; just as I thought I had moved on, another tear jerker, but of the best kind.
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    Realistic Hopes for Next Season

    With the emphasis on 'realistic' these are my hopes for next season: Stanno makes a full recovery & is back training towards the end of the season. The new pitch turns out to be everything that Tis wants. A top half finish. Our average home gates tops 6000. We do the double over the side down...