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    Our Academy getting noticed.......Again Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere but not a bad article
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    Standard of League 2 this season, Your thoughts

    So after 46 games and a long nine months we have just come up a little short, Obviously losing JS in January was a massive blow but tbh the form he was in people were bound to look. Just looking at the final table you could of stayed up with as little as 42 points and Lincoln topped it with 85...
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    England v Croatia Prediction

    So here we are after 28 years in a semi-final of a World Cup, How's this one going to go?
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    Lincoln Prediction ( 2nd Leg)

    After 0-0 at Sincil Bank today, Anyone care to make a prediction for Thursday?
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    Winners of the play -offs 2018

    Who do you think will come up trumps in this season's play offs in each EPL division now the regular season has finished? Championship: I'd go for Aston Villa L1: I'd go for Rotherham L2: Of course heart says Exeter but i do have doubts and as no one has been totally outstanding i'm saying...
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    Anyone else getting sick and tired of emails. Txts. Phone calls trying to scam money out of you? In the last few weeks I've had Paypal (Never used them) Talktalk (Not with them any more) Santander (Never held an account with them) Amazon (Via some Irish email address) HMRC, The list is...
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    When Honesty is not the Best Policy.....

    We have always been told "Honesty is the best policy" but for me it has well and truly not been the case, Recently i have wanted to change jobs, New year, New start sort of thing, Found something interesting, Applied and luckily have been chosen for an interview, Now the tricky bit to get the...
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    "The Sate"

    Anyone watching this on Channel 4 and what do you make of it? I was curious to see how the writer Peter Kosminsky would deal with such a touchy subject, Especially in the light of recent attacks in Europe. It has been said that he has listened to people who have lived amongst Isis to make this...
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    I know its still raw and a lot of you are hurting but fellow Exewebbers, How do we make sure we don't suffer a play off hangover next season? Where does this team go from here? It looks like we will lose some players either through selling or releasing others. Where will our priorities be?
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    POF Tickets an when they're on sale

    Still buzzing, Just wondered when they're on sale and how to get some for us who don't live near the club?
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    Just finished watching the 2nd series of this wonderful programme an was wondering if any other Exewebbers were watching it? If not I'd recommend that you see it on catch up somewhere. It is about the world that now have "Human" like "Synths" (As they call them) who are now doing day to day...
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    Justice at last for the 96

    Can't see a thread on this and the original Hillsborough thread being locked i thought i'd put it on here and say at last, After 27 long years total vindication to the 96 who died on the 15th April 1989. I hope by this verdict that the families an friends of all those who lost their lives and...
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    ...............Should you put the heating on? I am having this argument with my family about this, I have told them no heating on til November an if they're cold put another layer on. Its not cheap an tbh it hasn't been that cold yet
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    Advice Please

    Just had my car fail its MOT, Nothing unusual about that but what it failed on was there 12 months ago an i took it to the same place. Do i have any ramifications on this? The reason it failed was not even on the "Advisory" section from last year. About 20 months ago during the storms of...
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    Next seasons expectations?

    With the new season just over a month away, What are people's expectations? Best formations? Better home form? A decent cup run in ANY competition? For me this is Tisdale's defining season, We have no excuses like a trip half way round the world, Going to the PFA with a begging bowl, Crap...
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    Idiots going to Syria & Iraq!!!

    Reading the news today, According to the family solicitors of the 3 sisters who decided in their wisdom that UK life was not for them and their NINE! children and decided a life with ISIS would be better!!! UK police were "complicit" in the "grooming and radicalising" of the 3 sisters!! You just...
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    EU Referendum, Are you in the "In" or "Out" Camp?

    Now the election is done and dusted we come onto the next big thing in the political world, We have been promised an "In/Out" Referendum by the end of 2017, Possibly before. So I'm asking the good folk of Exeweb which camp are you in and the reasons why? After the threads on the General...
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    Home & Away...

    ... No not that awful Australian soap but I'd love to know from people who go week in week out why our performances differ so much. Since nowadays I don't get to many games i have to read the matchday threads and post match reports on here and over the past few seasons, The home reports have...
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    Interesting Xmas Gift

    My son got this Xmas gift, It was found at a Winter Wonderland Market in Hyde Park. Just thought I'd share it and ask if any recognise the programme covers (By the way they are marble coasters)
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    Yay or Nay 1295735630.....

    Since we've had a couple of obvious Yays, Hoping these might be a bit more open for debate. The cast of E4's Drifters