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  1. Snoop Fog

    Stevenage prediction thread

    I'm going for another 1-0 victory Parkes with the goal. 391 away fans
  2. Snoop Fog

    Macclesfield prediction

    A week tomorrow. I'm going for a poor game and a 1-0 victory. Att: 4410 Bowman with the goal. The more I look at our squad the more pessimistic I feel. I'm starting to think we may struggle. Seriously hope I'm wrong.
  3. Snoop Fog

    First game 2019/20 prediction thread

    3 weeks until the fixtures are released. 1st game, always seems to be at home, I'm going for Grimsby.
  4. Snoop Fog

    Positives and negatives from the season

    Positives Emergence of Archie Collins Bowman signing Increased attendances on previous years SJP playing surface was decent throughout The performance against MK Dons No bull$h!t post match ramblings from the manager The new stands A generally good feeling around the place Negatives A worse...
  5. Snoop Fog

    Stevenage build up, predictions etc

    No doubt a few changes to be made. I'm guessing we'll start with Jay and perhaps Williams or Martin as well. We're so unpredictable that attempting to predict the score is so difficult. 2-0 to Stevenage and we drop out the PO's.
  6. Snoop Fog

    Port Vale build up, team, prediction

    Surely it's time our form turned 1-0 City El Bowman 4015 Pym sent off!
  7. Snoop Fog

    The Play Off Race

    Realistically there's 2 play off positions up for grabs with ECFC, Colchester FGR, Carlisle, Swindon and Newport fighting it out. Lincoln are all but promoted meaning we, if we make it, will most likely be playing Tranmere, Mansfield, Bury or MK Dons. Over 2 legs who would you most like to...
  8. Snoop Fog

    EFL awards Scroll towards the bottom for L2 team of the season. I think Nicky Law should have been there and possibly Pym.
  9. Snoop Fog

    Football Index

    Anyone got involved with this? Ive invested but not sure how easy it is to make serious cash.
  10. Snoop Fog

    Bury - build up and prediction

    Difficult game. Holmes is back so we have a decent number to choose from and should have a strong bench. 2-1 win, Forte x2 Att: 4410
  11. Snoop Fog

    Exeter v Carlisle prediction thread.

    A bit early but as the squad is almost complete now.... 2-0 home win. Boetang and Stockley. Att: sell out with the restricted capacity.
  12. Snoop Fog

    First League Fixture Prediction

    Fixtures are announced on Thurs 21st June. I'm going for Cambridge away.
  13. Snoop Fog

    Play Off Final Prediction

    I have a feeling this is going to be a cracker. 3-2 victory with a late winner. Would be a fitting end to our season and a fantastic send off for Tis and Perryman. Goals from Stockley x 2 and Harley.
  14. Snoop Fog

    Club statement re fans behaviour What happened? The tweet gives no detail.
  15. Snoop Fog

    How many fans to Wembley

    Perhaps a few less than last year but I think we will still take 25k minimum. Whoever we get in the final will take a huge following. Should make for a great atmosphere. With half the current team playing at Wembley last season it should stand us in good stead this time around.
  16. Snoop Fog

    Lincoln prediction (First leg)

    I think a 2-1 defeat. JMT with our goal.
  17. Snoop Fog

    Cheltenham prediction

    Personally I think this will be off. It never stops raining! If it's on then 2-1 victory.
  18. Snoop Fog

    Jordan Storey

    Deserves a thread of his own. He's big, strong, has pace and most importantly composure. What a prospect. I don't imagine he'll be hanging around with us much past next season.
  19. Snoop Fog

    Fair play table As per usual we fair relatively well with this. Interesting to see Wycombe have not had a red card this season despite being regarded as a rough, win at all costs side.
  20. Snoop Fog

    The pitch at SJP

    Tisdale has made a couple of negative comments recently about our pitch and I read today that he's praising the FGR pitch at the weekend, saying how quick it was and how he wished we could play on a pitch like that every week. So my question is why is our pitch so poor? I thought we had...