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  1. HarryECFC

    Tisdale must go ...

    Re: Tisdale must go I've come back after being away for a considerable amount of time, I missed the end of last season and the pre season and everything up to the argyle game. I have been living the dream working in Ayia Napa for the summer (one of the highlights of which was being in a bar...
  2. HarryECFC

    First fifteen minutes on saturday

    Just clearing up a few points. 1. We do not think we are bigger than the club, we do not think we represent all of the fans, we dont. What we are doing is expressing our dissatisfaction as a group that have made a considerable effort towards improving the atmosphere. 2. It has been noticed by...
  3. HarryECFC

    First fifteen minutes on saturday

    We knew there would be people that would be critical of our actions. We've tried to word the statement to not come across as if we think we're bigger than the club or anything along the lines of that, however we did want our point to be made. If it gets the response that ALL the fans deserve...
  4. HarryECFC

    First fifteen minutes on saturday

    We're not trying to be completely negative over the situation, but we know that this year, we've got a bigger players budget than before, we've got a decent team with some great players. There appears to be a lack of real drive, passion, and pride from the players. The type of passion Noble...
  5. HarryECFC

    Red Legion - Liverpool Display

    Another hard days work put into painting the display today from the lads - unfortunately due to work I wasn't able to be with them today, but it's looking amazing!!! We are running very very low on funds at the moment, so if you've got anything spare, it would be much appreciated!
  6. HarryECFC

    Red Legion - Liverpool Display

    UPDATED THE MAIN POST Please buy up streamers and balloons to add to the display!
  7. HarryECFC

    Big Bank Pole 5 - The Red Legion

    Liverpool is a big one for us. You thought rovers and port vale were big, just you wait for this one! Its also my birthday weekend so even better. I want the entire big bank chanting along teaching the liverpool about loyal league 2 support. There will also,be a lot of plastics about that we...
  8. HarryECFC

    Red Legion - Liverpool Display

    Strongly recommend chipping in if you can, even if its just a couple of quid, every penny will be going into adding colour and atmosphere. The plans weve been working on are absolutely amazing and will set the tone for the game.
  9. HarryECFC

    How long can we hang on to Pym?

    I've known Christy on a personal level for a long time, He takes the game very seriously and is extremely hard working!
  10. HarryECFC

    Jamie Cureton

    But he has, and if he's got a good setup like with us or cheltenham he just bangs them in.
  11. HarryECFC

    Chorlton steps down!

    I can't even keep up to date with all the things going on at the club now. I don't really know all the ins and outs of how the board and trust work now that Chorlton has resigned.
  12. HarryECFC

    ECFC transfers, Ins/Outs for the Summer of 2014

    Edited post to add in that John O'Flynn has signed for Cork City.
  13. HarryECFC

    Best chips in Devon ????

    Krispies in Exmouth is outstanding. Battered chips are phenomenal!
  14. HarryECFC

    Q and A with Laurence Overend

    How Q&A's are often operated on other forums is like you said a thread open with everyone asking questions and then at a certain time the thread is then locked and Laurence can go through and pick some of the questions and then quote them with only him being able to post on the locked thread.
  15. HarryECFC

    What Happened To The Siege Army?

    Still working on things with the lads. Had a few issues at home meaning I havn't been able to make the previous games. Few lads have fallen out. But still potential and keen to get it going again.
  16. HarryECFC

    Bristol Rovers 11th Jan 2014

    My Birthdayyy! Clap Clap!
  17. HarryECFC

    Torquay morons

    made yours look silly last few games....
  18. HarryECFC

    Torquay morons

    Get chatting to different groups. I know of one fleetwood lad in particular and there group is getting more and more rated. But thats not a discussion for exeweb.
  19. HarryECFC

    Exeter City FC v Bury FC Official Match Day Thread

    Hopefully Scot Bennett gets a Birthday goal (or 4)!
  20. HarryECFC

    The Modernisation Of Football

    Im doing an in-voluntary boycott of all insurance companies, Mainly down to the fact I can't afford to pay £2,500 to insure a one litre car.