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  1. RaeUK

    Women's Football

    Yer tiz ...
  2. RaeUK

    Morgans Buildings

    Anybody know where these were in Wonford? I think they were damaged by a bomb in WW2 and presume they've long since disappeared into history.
  3. RaeUK

    Exeter Exiles enamel badge

    I recently purchased an Exeter Exiles enamel badge* from ebay. As it happens, the chap who sold me it was the chap who made them. He tells me he only has 15 left. So any Exiles, wherever you may be, who would like one, they're £3.95 +p&p. The link is here. Not a brilliant photo - the badge is...
  4. RaeUK

    Online Club Shop Postage ...

    Lordy! It's bleddy dear. This is one of the reasons I don't buy from the club shop. The postage charges are absolutely punitive. For example: Limited edition CD Single - 'City Til I Die' by Jacques Defoe & The Dilettanti. Price : £4.00 Standard Postage : £6.00 I could just about drive to the...
  5. RaeUK

    The Merry Christmas Everybody Thread

    Merry Christmas, everybody. There ya go, job's a good 'un. (y)
  6. RaeUK

    Welcome Harry ...

    Hat's off to the Club for enticing Harry Redknapp to SJP as Steve Perryman's replacement. (LLL) * awaits PeteUSA's 'How much is Harry on?' threads *
  7. RaeUK

    Online Shop personal data ...

    Just placed an order and, on filling out the delivery address, I was notified of the following: Why? Seems a bit odd. (Not to mention the fact that the postage charges were the same as the cost of petrol from mid Dorset to Exeter and back. If I hadn't been sending the items as a gift I would...
  8. RaeUK


    Am I being thicker than usual, or will Exeweb only allow you to post a link to a video online and not upload direct from your pc?
  9. RaeUK

    AVG and Exeweb

    My antivirus has decided that there are about eight potential trojan threats relating to Exeweb. These it merrily resolves and blocks (or whatever it does). I don't understand these things, to be honest, but am curious if per chance there's been a bit of code tweaking relating to this site which...
  10. RaeUK

    Is there a Solicitor in the house?

    To keep an incredibly long story short, the saga of my car trundles on ... The fly-by-night garage that took possession of it have indeed long since flown. So, instead, I turned my rheumy eyes towards the ne'er-do-wells who destroyed my vehicle. I submitted my case - which is simple...
  11. RaeUK

    Trust Member ...

    That noble badge of brotherhood has long since disappeared from the member's descriptive bar. Should it be brought back in this time of change? Can it be brought back?
  12. RaeUK

    World Cup Song Also Promoting Brazil /Exeter Centenary

    Here's one young Grecian doing her best to promote Exeter City's centenary year with Brazil under the umbrella of the World Cup - whilst trying to raise money for a cancer charity. Hat's off! (LLL)
  13. RaeUK

    Time to wheel out the 12th man?

    I know, I know, everyone seems a little war weary at the moment. But it wasn't that long ago, also under dire circumstances iirc, that the troops rallied round the team, meeting them off the coach etc and generally trying to boost them up a bit. I will admit - and please don't faint - things...
  14. RaeUK

    The Pitchfork Fund.

    (For lack of a better title). I mooted this notion a couple of days ago. It's since had several comments on here and facebook so perhaps it deserves it's own thread. Many people have stated that they have reduced their payments to the Trust, cancelled them altogether or have refused to join it...
  15. RaeUK

    Exeter City FC v Oxford United FC

    Time to change to winning ways. 3-0 to the Grecians.
  16. RaeUK

    Torquay United vs Exeter City Match Day Thread ...

    Mmmm. Not started yet. Well, oddly, that's a good omen. Might be Mr Sercombe's 200th, he inaugurated in a 4-1 win. The Turks are used to losing 4-1. And it's way passed the time Rog H K won his habitual bet. So, guess what the scoreline should be ... :) Come on you Reds, time to turn a corner ...
  17. RaeUK

    Proper Yay or Nay ... (Well, for some of us).

    So, Arthur of the Britons has grown up. But not so bad. Still a Yay from me ...
  18. RaeUK

    Oxford Utd v Exeter City Official Match Day Thread.

    Time for another well deserved City three points. All aboard the Grecian bandwaggon and a safe journey to the traveling hordes ... [G]
  19. RaeUK

    Scunthorpe Utd v Exeter City Official Match Day Thread

    Will be missing the commentary today. So that'll be a nailed on 3 points for City. C'mon you mighty Reds and a safe journey for the traveling Grecian hordes ... [G]
  20. RaeUK

    Exeter City FC vs Bristol Rovers FC Match Day Thread.

    Someone has to start it. 3 points to the mighty Grecians and a great start to a great campaign. UTC. [G]