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  1. Grecian2K

    Pass the sickbag!!!

    I always thought Porkstain was a n.o.b. but surely this takes the biscuit in self-aggrandising r-slicking (even by his standards) o_O
  2. Grecian2K

    Club Developed Players - EFL Rule 33.11

    Apologies if this has been picked up upon before but I stumbled upon this from the Macclesfield forum explaining why they are not able to field "full benches" For once a possibly positive thing introduced by the EFL. A development of the "ineligible player" rule? Must introduce a selection...
  3. Grecian2K

    Exeter City vs Torquay United "Top Secret" PSF Thread

    Any news incoming regarding today's key fixture?
  4. Grecian2K

    Player Info from 1993 season wanted

    Match reports for that season mention a player called Barnes who warmed the bench for four games early in the 1993-4 seasons. Neither the Grecian Archive nor searches on t'internet have provided any info on this player. Can anyone on EW remember this player and provide any details (particularly...
  5. Grecian2K

    Poor old Kevin

    :( Despite their relegation, with his 100% win record Nochancevil will probably still go into the record books as the Giggle's most successful manager evah!
  6. Grecian2K

    Where's Curley?

    Had the Sarfenders slipped up this evening I'm sure he'd have been all over BB like the suppurating syphlitic sore that he usually is. Wonder if Porkstain's little poodle will have the cojones to pay us a visit again (or has the fat controller had him vetted?)
  7. Grecian2K

    Well done to the Sarfenders!

    The only bright spot on an otherwise somewhat disappointing day. As for our CORNISH LOSERS Again We're going to meet you again We're going to beat you again PS: Hope you enjoy the 5 star accommodation in our newly refurbished away end
  8. Grecian2K

    Marcello Bielsa - Leeds United Manager

    I realise that this post will undoubtedly upset the "win at any cost" wing of the ExeWeb party but kudos to Signor Bielsa for ordering his team to allow Villa an uncontested equaliser after, not only blatant 'cheating' by his player who, when returned a ball to put out of play for an injury...
  9. Grecian2K

    More problems at Bolton Wanderers

    Now facing a winding up order from HMRC. Might possibly be handy for us if they start the next League One season with a points deduction! (y)
  10. Grecian2K

    Railway Repairs Redux

    It was five years ago today that the seawall at Dawlish was swished away. Wonderful to see (after all of the promises made at the time) all of the work now going on apace to ensure that there can be no repetition and the SW peninsular will never be so isolated again.....or have I missed...
  11. Grecian2K

    ECFC v Grimsby Town Hungover Prediction Thread (3pm KO)

    Well, since my last one seemed to go so well may I be permitted another go? Since it's an awfully long cold poke from Fish Finger hq for our good old pal Les I'll predict a nailbiting, hungover 4-4 draw this time, just for him. Jayden with a farewell home hat-trick and four absolute howlers...
  12. Grecian2K

    ECFC v Yeovil Town Festive Prediction Thread (1pm kick off)

    Something to feast your 'mince pies" on and mull over the seasonal wine. Can our current run be sustained? I'll venture a not-entirely-satisfactory 0-0 bore-fest. :(
  13. Grecian2K

    A pint during the match?

    Spotted this on the FGR site. Seem s that (amongst others) the Vegans have signed up - rather yeast a vegetable or "animal" as far as vegans are...
  14. Grecian2K

    Clocks changing

    Well, it's that time of year again, when we endure the disruption and disorientation of the clocks going back an hour. So what are the (UK based) Exewebbers views on this? Should we: a) Leave things as they - ie BST in the summer and GMT in the winter. b) Stick to BST all year round - ie...
  15. Grecian2K

    Only Fools and Janners

    Down on the farm Del Boy Adams has tried to diversify but is sadly still in the same old business - getting conned into buying old tat that he then can't sell on for love nor money. Aided and abetted by Rodney "Plonker" Porkus and their dear old Uncle Harry, laugh and cry as they try to hawk...
  16. Grecian2K

    The carbuncle Cup

    It's good to see that Cornwall's second city is getting the recognition it deserves by reaching the final 6 of this year's Carbuncle Cup - a competition run by the magazine Building Design for (and I quote) "least favourite new building of the last 12 months". BECKLEY POINT, a 23 storey, 78...
  17. Grecian2K

    Goals from "all over the pitch"

    First three games. Six goals Six different scorers Surely some kind of record?
  18. Grecian2K

    Things could be worse!!!

    For any (perceived) failing of OUR ownership model, just try a trip eastward up the A30 at the moment
  19. Grecian2K

    Taylor must go!

    Well someone had to start it..... ;)
  20. Grecian2K

    Come on you addicks

    Best wishes on your push to a confirmed play off place - always loved my trips to The Valley! PS: Gillingham already one up against the Scum....come on you Gills as well (y)