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  1. Billy The Fish

    City v Newport predictions and chat.

    Another stiff test for our table topping heroes. Atangana is making the trip as part of the squad at last but I read that he won't feature. We're still not firing on all cylinders so someone's going to cop it one of these days but I don't think it's going to happen in Wales on Saturday. 1-1...
  2. Billy The Fish

    Another One To Choose

    1. The Welsh or the Scottish. 2. Rachel Riley or Holly Willoughby. 3. Western National or Devon General. 4. Mane, Sane or Kane. 5. A flight with Ryanair or a weekend at Butlins. 6. Chips. With ketchup or mayo. 7. Which is the bigger crime ? Speedos or socks and sandals. Tie Breaker. In no more...
  3. Billy The Fish


    This will be the last big event to commemorate one of the most momentous days in European history in which we have surviving participants in attendance. Watching those wonderful people and hearing their stories told in such understated ways makes me realise how blessed we are to have men and...
  4. Billy The Fish

    City v FGR predictions, build up and chat.

    Here we are at the business end of the season with a genuine "must win". All we can do is get three points and listen to the 2019 version of our transistor radios for results elsewhere. FGR are in the play offs and a few days after this one will be playing the biggest games in their history so...
  5. Billy The Fish

    Next up City v Notts Co

    We should win this. County are in a right state on and off the pitch so therefore we ought to be able to cruise to three points, right ? However if any side in the division are likely to go arse over elbow on a banana skin of a game it's us. I'm predicting a good, vocal away following -...
  6. Billy The Fish

    City v Colchester chat

    A few days off won't have harmed our walking wounded but it seems Colchester are are also short of bodies
  7. Billy The Fish

    City v Tranmere predictions and build up

    No idea who will be available for selection but I reckon Hiram will be on the bench ready for 15 minutes at the end. I'm predicting a 4500 gate basking in this crazy warm weather and a goal for Norwood. Bowman will open his account at last, the first of a great run of goals. 3-1 City
  8. Billy The Fish

    City v Newport chat and build up

    Squad could be boosted by new signings in time for this one - so they say- but even so I reckon we'll have enough to put Newport away. I'm predicting Bowman to start and get on the scoresheet and for Christy to keep them out again. 1-0 City
  9. Billy The Fish

    City v Morecambe build up

    I've quite enjoyed this fixture previously, we seem to have a bit of love for Jim Bentley and even Kevin Ellison appears to escape any ill feelings. However we've had a rest and our players have had time to get over knocks and niggles, they've got a long journey ahead and, let's be honest, they...
  10. Billy The Fish

    Could you ?

    Prior to the Man City v Liverpool game the other night I heard some ManU fans being asked,on the radio, who they wanted to win. One chap said he hated the idea of Liverpool winning the league so much that he was going to buy a pale blue City shirt just for the day of the match. So..... If it...
  11. Billy The Fish

    City v Crewe Predictions and Chat

    This is the game where it'll all come together for the mighty Grecians. We'll wipe the floor with em and put all our woes behind us. 5-0 and no bookings. You heard it here first.
  12. Billy The Fish

    Proper Interesting Thread

    I've been told some top pub trivia. Back in the days of the wild west a gun-toting pioneer or cowboy could buy a measure of whiskey in a saloon bar for around 9 cents, this was also the price of a bullet. They could trade in a bullet for a drink and that is why a tot of spirit became known as a...
  13. Billy The Fish

    City v Grimsby predictions

    I'm concerned about this banana skin of a fixture. Everyone playing the October Predictions game put us down for a win and for that reason I am not confident. We'll be lucky to come home with a point but Taylor's plucky gameplans and substitutions deserve some rewards so I'm going for a 1-1...
  14. Billy The Fish

    Old Trafford

    Not sure what prompted the publication of this article but here it is. Really thought Djemba-Djemba wouldn't have looked out of place in a Conference level team.
  15. Billy The Fish

    City v Lincoln prediction thread.

    Toughest game so far. I'm predicting a ding dong with Phil and Grant Cowley testing the fourth official's patience, a great battle between Aaron and Rhead, a big crowd, goals aplenty and red cards. 4-3 City.
  16. Billy The Fish

    Fulham v ECFC predictions

    It's a free hit isn't it. We don't really expect to beat a Prem club away even if they put a much reduced side out and we do have players ourselves who would benefit from a day off. I'm going for a sound but not embarrassing thumping. 3-0 in front of a decent sized crowd. Sorry.
  17. Billy The Fish

    MK v ECFC predictions

    2-1 City Abrahams, Martin
  18. Billy The Fish

    England v Panama Predictions

    2-0 England win and I reckon we'll cruise it. Alli will be rested but we won't miss him. Another goal for Kane. The physicality of Panama's defence will be displayed when they tie up and gag Harry Kane before dumping him behind the advertising hoardings while waiting for a corner to be taken.
  19. Billy The Fish

    England v Tunisia predictions

    Feeling upbeat about our opener. We'll score three, pick up a significant injury and, as I can't see Tunisia scoring, keep a clean sheet. 3-0 England
  20. Billy The Fish

    Ice cream

    I've just had a choc ice (dark chocolate) and it is the best ice cream ever. A prince amongst ice creams.