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    Who's placed a bid for Tom.

    Confirmed, it's Peterborough.
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    Warning: Hold-ups on the M6

    Just arrived in Liverpool and sinking a nice cold lager. Left Exeter at 8:30 and stopped twice. Traffic was smooth sailing, but I saw those signs too.
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    Liverpool away ticket arrangements

    Ummmm... not sure I meant to cause such a stir. I'm guessing they must have a few spares in case of issues - that or they've given me tickets that haven't yet been collected and towards the end the people collecting last will have whatever's left? I guess mine should have been in 123 anyway...
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    Liverpool away ticket arrangements

    Fair play to the club, I emailed [email protected] and had a reply within minutes. I've just been up and been given 4 tickets in block 123 as ordered. I can't make out what the flap of my envelope says, it's 123 or 125. Both 3 and 5 are there but I can't tell which was added first. It does...
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    Liverpool away ticket arrangements

    Ordered 4 tickets in block 123 as soon as they went on sale on Thurs last week. Ordered 3 adults and 1 child. Today I opened my envelope to 3 tickets, 2 adults and 1 child... in block 125. Ridiculous.
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    Liverpool away ticket arrangements

    I'm in Exeter, ordered on Thurs morning and mine haven't arrived yet :(
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    And a word (or two) for our sponsors...

    It's on the OS:-
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    Liverpool away ticket arrangements

    Plenty in blocks 121 and 122 showing up online.
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    Liverpool away ticket arrangements

    Website showing 1 ticket available in 123.
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    Liverpool away ticket arrangements

    Just bought mine for block 123 :-). Was waiting for that to come online!
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    Replay date

    Weds 20th, 8pm, confirmed by the club:-
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    Replay date

    I put my holiday request in for Weds PM / Thurs AM on Monday and that's been approved. Going to be difficult to get any other day next week at this short notice now :(
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    Liverpool: We Will Play The kids

    That was wrong or plans changed then. They were definitely due to arrive c. 6:30 tonight. Now it will be early afternoon tomorrow.
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    Liverpool: We Will Play The kids

    Liverpool's flight down this evening was cancelled last minute due to a technical fault with the plane. Their bmi regional charter will now leave Liverpool John Lennon airport at 13:30 tomorrow afternoon instead.
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    Morecambe v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Sercs is recuperating well. @SercombeLiam: Food in wagamamas again, then off to coal for cocktails and shots, and a cheeky visit to mecca haha! @amywenborn
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    Cureton first half sub

    Got stretcherd off having scored.
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    City to play Fluminense in Rio - 20th July 2014

    More to follow...
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    Tisdale leaves for Swindon.

    Club have called a press conference for 3pm. Tis 6/4 favourite on Skybet. Think Pengelly could have it right.
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    Matt Oakley

    Reckon Matt Oakley is going to sign for another year? Just looked up his company, NEBUCHADNEZZAR WINES LIMITED, and the financials don't make for pretty reading, surprisingly!
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    You can do it when you B&Q it?

    Domino's Pizza are interested apparently. "Domino's Pizza League 2"