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  1. Ashford Grecian

    Exeter vs Port Vale Prediction Thread

    The unbeaten run goes on with a 2-1 win
  2. Ashford Grecian

    Band Identity

    Looking forward to seeing Kavus and the rest of the band at HRH Prog in Oct :love:
  3. Ashford Grecian

    Exeter City v Leyton Orient Match Day Thread.

    Absolutely spot on - i really didn't want to leave and head back to the smoke... I am not normally one for mentioning referees but I cannot recall a worse display of officiating at any match at any level.. A mention also for Jack Sparkes - thought he had an excellent game and looks a real bright...
  4. Ashford Grecian

    Band Identity

    Gong are still going after starting in 1967 without a single original member
  5. Ashford Grecian

    Will the people of Exeter turn up

    2 people of Ashford will be turning up now the South West highway will be less busy on a Sat AM (y)
  6. Ashford Grecian

    England's Ashes Test Team

    Completely underwhelmed by the decision and performance
  7. Ashford Grecian

    Advice needed: Take family to Plymouth game?

    No problem at all at ours - wouldn't recommend away though can be quite hostile
  8. Ashford Grecian

    Carlisle Utd Versus Exeter City Discussion and prediction thread

    we should win but have a feeling it may be 1-1
  9. Ashford Grecian

    September 2019 Points Prediction Thread

    Here we go - City scores first 07/9 Away Carlisle 1-1 14/9 Home Leyton Orient 3-1 (My first home game now the A30/A303 won't be log jammed!) 17/9 Home Port Vale 2-0 21/9 Away Newport 1-1 28/9 Home Grimsby 2-1 Still unbeaten, further clear at the top and 11 points (y)
  10. Ashford Grecian

    Oldham Athletic v Exeter City Prediction (score crowd & team) thread

    Seems I went for loss in monthly point thread but reckon 2-2, team ??, crowd??
  11. Ashford Grecian

    Exeter City (one) v Swindon Town prediction thread

    I went for 2-0 in the monthly but will have to go 1-1
  12. Ashford Grecian

    Coventry City V Exeter City Carabao Cup 1st Round - Matchday Thread

    His kicking is just as bad as his predecessors - take it you weren't at Satanage?
  13. Ashford Grecian

    Stevenage prediction thread

    Very windy indeed, could this or matches be in doubt - H & S and all that?
  14. Ashford Grecian

    Stevenage prediction thread

    2-0 City......... Six points zero goals conceded
  15. Ashford Grecian

    England's Ashes Test Team

    Finding it hard to believe we just finihsed day 2 of a 5 test Ashes series and the football season starts in an hour or so!!
  16. Ashford Grecian

    Jay Stansfield

    What age is Jay BTW?
  17. Ashford Grecian

    August 2019 Points Prediction Thread

    Here we go then - City scores first 03/8 Home Macclesfield - 2-1 10/8 Away Stevenage 2-0 17/8 Home Swindon 2-0 20/8 Away Oldham 0-2 24/8 Away Morecambe 1-1 31/8 Home Mansfield 2-2 fair start 11 points only one loss
  18. Ashford Grecian

    Macclesfield prediction

    Will be a tricky game but I think we can win 2-1
  19. Ashford Grecian

    Ollie Watkins

    Sorry didn't read the date just the article that one of the several Bees fans in the office e-mailed earlier...