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  1. Sprocket

    Loan: Ampadu to MK Dons

    Hi all I'm writing a football A-Z book. Current focus is on the first half of the alphabet, A-M. I will start with a write up of Ampadu, and am going all the way through to MK Dons. It's proving expensive and sadly I've run out of cash to fund this venture, but if anyone can assist with debt...
  2. Sprocket

    Transfer Rumour - Luke Southwood

    Apparently being lined up to come in on a season-long loan from Reading, should an acceptable offer come in for Pym.
  3. Sprocket

    Transfer gossip: George Rigg

    I understand from an informed source that we are looking closely at Bath City's George Rigg. He had an unsuccessful trial with us before, but has done a sterling job in non-league since then. Proper chap too.
  4. Sprocket

    Potential New Signing - Dan Ball

    I have it on reasonably good authority that we are currently running the rule over Bath City centre back, Dan Ball.
  5. Sprocket

    Exeter players who have played in the Premier League

    A little one for pre-season: Can we name all the players who have played for Exeter City, having previously played in the Premier League? Two key rules: 1) I mean the Premier League, i.e. 1992-3 top flight onwards. 2) The player must have played for Exeter after their Premier League...
  6. Sprocket

    Valentine's Day in Plymouth

    Valentine's Day - that pesky evening each year when Plymouthians have to take the wife out, rather than just having a good old [email protected]
  7. Sprocket

    Gary Alexander

    Can't reveal my HP or tomato, but suffice to say it's as reliable as they get... Apparently talks with the veteran Gary Alexander, once a prolific fresh-face for the Grecians, are at an advanced stage. Sticking point is whether there will be a coaching role offered and that apparently depends...
  8. Sprocket

    Bauza's injury

    Any news on Guillem Bauza's injury? I hate those ones where they're nowhere near another player or the ball when they go down - they always seem to be out for bloody months.
  9. Sprocket

    Any reason why, seemingly following the move to the new server, the above link no longer takes me to exeweb? I know I can just go to but I'm in the habit now...
  10. Sprocket

    Best selection of free bets ever

    This is the best I've ever seen, anyway. I've already bagged £200 and the season hasn't even started...
  11. Sprocket

    Poultice and Porkus once had gay sex

    Not a word of a lie. Absolutely genuine story.
  12. Sprocket


    Argyle are really sh*t.
  13. Sprocket

    Sing song

    Argyle are going down, nevermind. Argyle are going down, nevermind. Argyle are going down. They'll be playing Crawley Town. Argyle are going down, nevermind.
  14. Sprocket

    Argyle and Truro City to merge

    I have it on extremely good (and highly confidential!) authority that Plymouth Argyle and Truro City are in advanced merger talks, with a view to becoming a new, single entity playing in Truro. Under the proposal, Truro will pay off Argyle's debts by the close of this season and then...
  15. Sprocket

    Grant Basey

    Exeter in talks with Barnet defender Grant Basey re a permanent move. Close friend of John O'Flynn.
  16. Sprocket

    Ryan Harley and Newcastle

    My phone has buzzed with a few texts about Harley and a possible move to Newcastle. He knows his League One and it seems Pardew, who is after a "creative midfielder", is willing to take a several hundred-grand punt on Ryan. I personally think the Championship would be a more sensible career...
  17. Sprocket

    Brentford - Buy One Get One Free

    I have it on good authority that Brentford are going to do a "Buy One Get One Free" deal for Exeter supporters travelling to the League and JPT game at Griffin Park. Away supporters should keep their ticket stub from the league game, as it will permit entry into the JPT game.
  18. Sprocket

    Free bets

    My friend is a former bookie who has used his industry contacts to put together some of the best free bets available, on a range of betting sites. Website is Worth having a look at.
  19. Sprocket

    Paul Tisdale's only goal for Exeter

    came in a 3-0 win over Rochdale on 20 December 1997. Tisdale took a free kick which hit Dale defender Adam Reed in the b*ll*cks. Reed crumpled to the ground clutching his knackers (as you do), enabling Tisdale, to whom the ball had gently rolled back, to shoot through the gap in the wall and...
  20. Sprocket

    Most disappointing signing of all time

    Who is your most disappointing ECFC signing of all time? By disappointing I don't mean the plethora of players you'd previously never heard of who have signed for us and simply turned out to be sh*t (e.g. Lee Zabek, although I could go on for some time, including in the list anyone signed by...