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  1. Snakebite

    Taylor turns down approach from other club

    It's nearly as annoying as people writing 'rant over' at the end of a post just in case the reader struggles to comprehend that the end of their post is the end of the rant. Bizarre. Back on topic though, it's great to see Matt repaying the faith in the club, and also serves to highlight just...
  2. Snakebite

    Youth 2019/2020

    I thought I passed the team coach on the M25 around 11am. Makes sense where it was off to now.
  3. Snakebite

    Things you dont see anymore

    Sam Smith being referred to as he.
  4. Snakebite

    Exeter City v Leyton Orient Match Day Thread.

    The curse of the Manager of the month award strikes again?
  5. Snakebite

    Exeter City Women 2019/20 Season

    Of course they’d love to play at SJP, as I’m sure would the Under 18’s and Stoke Hill Junior School, but ECFC for all of its community intentions is first and foremost a business, and the minute the club forgets that is the minute we risk sliding back into the financial abyss once again. As...
  6. Snakebite

    Exeter City Women 2019/20 Season

    This is my view too. Good news about the disability team at the C+F, rather ironic given my earlier tongue in cheek post.
  7. Snakebite

    The FA Cup Thread

    Shame, they had a good run and wasn’t a few quid though. Fingers crossed the league form holds up. Exmouth is a big town to have a club so far down the pyramid.
  8. Snakebite

    Exeter City Women 2019/20 Season

    Keep fighting the good fight sister. Remind me, when does the disability team to play at SJP campaign start?
  9. Snakebite

    The FA Cup Thread

    I think they’re now in the 1st qualifying round, we join after the 4th qualifying round.
  10. Snakebite

    Exmouth Town FC

    Big cup game tonight against Yate. Hope the town get a big crowd and into the next round.
  11. Snakebite

    Exeter City Women 2019/20 Season

    No where did I put those song lyrics? ‘Let’s go round again....’
  12. Snakebite

    Invest in Excellence

    Wouldn’t it be better to contribute towards a legal challenge over the tribunal/EPPP process and it’s unfairness towards lower league clubs?
  13. Snakebite

    Exeter City Women 2019/20 Season

    Are they playing at SJP?
  14. Snakebite

    League 2 News

    I expect they’ll promote Salford to fill the gap. Seriously though, sad times all round, but I believe something that was necessary to hopefully make other rogue club owners sit up and take note that football clubs aren’t immune from going to the wall.
  15. Snakebite

    Exeter City Women 2019/20 Season

    Yes. I think that’s exactly what he’s saying. Suck it up buttercup. Until you started bleating the women’s team’s successes seemed quite interesting. Now, thanks entirely to you the subject has become tedious, repetitive and dull. Well done.
  16. Snakebite

    Exeter City Women 2019/20 Season

    I’ve always suspected he’s your multi to raise controversy and post counts on the site. It’s the truth isn’t it?!?!
  17. Snakebite

    Best and worst - shady pasts and great celebrations

    Remember seeing that on a Question of Sport some years back too.
  18. Snakebite

    Box sets

    Stranger Things. Just finished series/season 2 and it's bloody brilliant. It simply shouldn't work and yet it does. Very well filmed, well acted and a great story that doesn't seem to drag on like some do.
  19. Snakebite

    More problems at Bolton Wanderers

    Well that would soon do for the likes of Salford too. Excellent idea.
  20. Snakebite

    The Conference and non league football thread

    Sounds about right, I think I got the train down from London with the exiles and we were greeted by Aldershot(?) supporting scrotes at Woking station. We were then herded into a Wetherspoons and locked in by Underpants and chums with a very bemused looking Dr Treharne in there with us who at...