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  1. ecfc70

    TV Times

    Sure there used to be a thread covering all things telly but can't find it. Anyway, tell us what you're watching, any recommendations, looking forward to or ones to avoid, even rate them out of 10 like in the film thread if that floats your boat. I'm currently half way through bodyguard and...
  2. ecfc70

    Colchester vs Exeter Prediction Thread

    More of the same or an away day shock? If Croll slots in straight away he may just stop the rot at the back and we sneak a 1-0 however my pessimistic side says a 2-0 defeat
  3. ecfc70

    WC 2018 - Russia

    Here we go again 14 places available for European teams however Russia already have a place being hosts So it's the 9 group winners going through and then 4 of the best 8 runners up via plays-offs linky thing to the offical website It all starts this...
  4. ecfc70

    A Day Out At Wemblee

    Saw this on the plymouth carp for sale facebook page and thought i would share.......seems almost about right ;-) Top days out for Janners Number 1088 Wemblee. One of the bestest things Janners like to do, once every 20 years, is to head off up to London to watch their beloved Argo. They...
  5. ecfc70

    F1 2016

    The season starts again this weekend in Australia...........Any point in commenting or shall we just give it to Hamilton again?
  6. ecfc70

    Pompey vs Exeter Prediction Thread

    Not holding out much hope for this one I'm afraid unless I am pleasantly surprised and with that totally wrong (which I wont mind at all) 3-1 to the pompey mushers
  7. ecfc70

    Cobblers vs Grecians Prediction Thread

    It's been a good start, lets hope it continues 2-0 to city A first clean sheet for Bobby and goals from Alex Nichols and Ribs
  8. ecfc70

    2018 World Cup - Russia

    For those that missed it the draw for the qualifiers was made earlier this week, a nice little trip north of the border for us English awaits Here's the link -
  9. ecfc70

    Respect Award Double for City

    Another 10k in the pot, well done city will we go for the hat-trick or will we start to get some tackles in
  10. ecfc70

    Goal or No Goal

    This one is doing the rounds at the moment on the interweb, it was given by the ref but should it have been? I think it was the correct call as the ball...
  11. ecfc70

    Alton Towers Incident

    I was going to post this in the little things thread or feckin dire but decided to start a new one that is to do with the recent "crash" of the smiler rollercoaster at Alton Towers Firstly let me say i wish the unfortunate victims of this tragic accident a speedy and as un-complicated recovery...
  12. ecfc70

    Mayweather vs Pacquiao

    Only a week until this one now Anyone know of any pubs in Exeter that will be showing it? Manny to win this for me
  13. ecfc70

    The ECFC v Stevenage prediction thread

    Will stick with my 2-1 prediction for this Tom and Alex with the goals in front of 2685 on a chilly Tuesday night
  14. ecfc70

    F1 2015

    This weekend will see the opening race for the 2015 world title take place in Australia, this is the 1st of 20 - TV coverage this year is again split between sky and the beeb with the latter only showing 10 races live -...
  15. ecfc70

    The End Of Parma?

    Saw this today, could be the first of many bigger clubs to fall £145 million in debt but what a great team that looked for the 1999 Uefa cup final
  16. ecfc70

    Exeter Monopoly Board

    Looks like we're in the running for our very own but what will take pride in filling the squares? I thought we already had an Exeter edition or maybe i saw the cathedral on the...
  17. ecfc70

    Cardiff return to feeling blue and about time to
  18. ecfc70


    Has anyone else noticed this chap/chappess posting on the echo website? Sounds like someone who has a whole lot of love for Exeweb as he/she mentions it in almost every comment he/she makes Sounds like he/she also need to take his/her head out of the sand every once in a while as the constant...
  19. ecfc70

    Euro 2016

    The road to France begins tomorrow 23 teams to qualify and join the hosts but will any of the home nations be there? Sunday 7th Group D 1945 Germany v Scotland Group F 1700 Hungary v Northern Ireland Monday 8th Group E 1945...
  20. ecfc70

    International Retirement

    I see that Frank Lampard has decided to call it a day with England, this after Steven Gerrard did the same earlier in the summer and with many thanks from the football supporting nation It does ask the question though.......should footballers retire or even be allowed to retire from...