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  1. i8cornwall

    Red Legion Adam Stansfield running challenge

    Hello once again. Firstly a huge thank you once again to everyone who donated to the displays again this season myself and the other mememebers are blown away with the support we get. In a slight change to the norm for us we thought it was about time we gave somthing back to the club we all...
  2. i8cornwall

    Red Legion Play off Display

    With it looking increasing likely that we will make the play off's (or just blind faith in our case) we have started to make plans for a small display before the homens semi final and for others next seasons. As always we would appreciate any donations and support that our fellow supporters...
  3. i8cornwall

    Red Legion MK Dons Display

    Apologies if I've posted this in the wrong place it's been a few years since I've stated a thread on here but: Hi All, the Red Legion have been working on an ambitious display for the game this coming saturday. We are looking for assistance in putting out 3500+ foils that need setting up in...
  4. i8cornwall

    Oh no the saints are to blame

    always find somthing to moan about do our massive chums!