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    Refreshing honesty from All Time Lowe

    Ryan Lowe on coming to Argyle: From a "Behind the scenes at Argyle" video. He hopes his Bury side last year will go down in history. They certainly will. As the one that helped to bankrupt and destroy a proud club. Given the amount of times he mentions 'bonuses' in the video I hope Argyle...
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    The Coaches' Voice - Alex Inglethorpe

    Worth a read. Always thought he across really well when City manager.
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    RIP floodlights

    Sad times for fans of classic floodlights. Portsmouth and Grimsby are taking down their iconic lights this summer :(
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    :) ........
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    Where's Ramone?

    He never lost faith. He kept believing all season. Even when it looked like Argiggle were safely ensconced in mid-table mediocrity he refused to accept defeat. Yet now, in his moment of triumph he is nowhere to be seen. Where are you? WHERE ARE YOU? LET'S BE HAVIN' YOU. Have a drink on me...
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    Your moment of the season?

    One particular moment has stuck in my mind all season. Don't know if anyone else noticed it but for some reason it really stood out. Exeter v Grimsby. We were battering them but somehow not scoring. Law misplaced a cross to Stockley and Stockley was howling at the moon. He was frustrated. He was...
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    ECFC not fulfilling a fixture

    Lots of talk of Bolton not fulfilling fixture against Brentford in the news. Heard a comment on the radio yesterday that last team to do this was Exeter City but missed the details. Anyone know what happened?
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    Watching City away from the 'home' stands

    Just wondered whether anyone here has watched City in the home sides of a City away game. Never done it myself and don't plan on doing it but curious to hear about what the match day experience was like. Do you have to pretend to be a 'home' fan? Can you cheer when City score?
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    The Nicky Law Awards

    Best trophy goes to Grecian Travel. Worst trophy goes to East Devon Grecians! Come on folks, sort it out Grecian Travel’s player of the year The East Devon Grecians player of the year He also won: The North Devon Grecians’ player of the season Junior Grecians player of the season The...
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    We're not that great

    According to Swindon Boss Richie Wellens Don't think he's being that harsh to be fair. Lots here have said the same. It is not a very strong league.
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    Vote for goal of the season (now with added Boateng)

    The top 10 was made before last Saturday (facepalm) But the club have thankfully gone a bit Spinal Tap and have now added Boateng's stunner to the list [G]
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    ECFC v Crawley Town build up, predictions etc. 1PM KICK OFF

    Created this thread mainly to remind everyone it is a 1pm kick off. As noted from another thread it's the only 1pm kick off in League 2 that day. Oh and it's on Friday. Good Friday [G]
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    What a way to go

    RIP to Ralph Hoare who died last weekend at a magnificent 110.
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    Playlist for pre-match Saturday

    Seen some good suggestions the last few days for pre-match music. I've noticed the club ask fans to send their requests via twitter a few days before but thought we could start a list here ;) Dedicated Follower of Fashion "Rawhide" (Rollin', rollin' rollin'....)
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    Exeter City vs MK D*ns build up thread

    I've gone early but come on! It's not 'just another game', is it? We're all excited/nervous/dreading it. Delete as appropriate. Should be a good occasion. I'm sure all our fans will behave like proper chaps and it won't be at all toxic/poisonous. MK in a bit of a slump (4 points from their last...
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    Sack the camera person

    Seriously. How hard can it be? How do you manage to zoom in so much that you crop out parts of the goal, THE GOAL, on a football pitch. The 'miss of the season' will never join the likes of...
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    League 2 form table

    Just in case you weren't already feeling a bit down on our recent form! (puke) Interesting to see Lincoln down there too. PS You are not allowed to discuss the team on top. We have other threads for that sort of thing :p
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    Pay on the gate Stagecoach Stanno Stand?

    Any idea when the ticket booth opens? Will you be able to just turn up and get a seat anywhere you want (apart from stickered Season Ticket seats) for league games etc or will you still have to pre-book/reserve online or ahead of the game? Will you get given a specific seat number? In the OG...
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    Any plans for the People's Independent Republic of Cullompton to enter?
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    Copa Libertadores Final Tonight on Freeview

    Channel 95 I think on the Free Sports channel. Also on BT Sport for those who have it. The 'Champion's League' of South America. Could be tasty....... No away fans allowed. You've got to wonder if this game will finish even if they do managed to start...