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    Exeter City v Leyton Orient Match Day Thread.

    I started the MDT v Carlisle so being superstitious I'm grabbing it again. Hoping for a nice win today v the Os to keep City sitting pretty at the top of the pile. City to win by 2 or 3 goals. C'mon Exeter people : get out and support your local football team !! UTC and COYR
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    Carlisle v Exeter City Matchday Thread.

    Hoping for 3 points. Safe trip to the hardy travelling fans. Appreciate updates on score, comments, on how we're playing etc. Hopefully this time the MDT will not digress. Let's focus on the match itself.
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    FIFA wants to scrap tribunals

    According to TalkSport FIFA is planning to scrap transfer tribunals because "it takes up too much time". From what I gather this will make academies for lower League clubs a waste of time. I must say TalkSport, including Ian Holloway, think this is a disgrace. All three presenters mentioned...
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    Gareth Bale

    Madrid blocks Bale's transfer to China. I can't help but feel that Madrid is farking him around.
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    England's Ashes Test Team

    Disregarding conditions, what players would you select for your best England XI to play the Aussies fir the Ashes?
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    Exeter city fun day video

    Apologies if already posted elsewhere. Good to see a lot of kids at the event.. PS. I don't get my laptop. Had all letters in capitals for title and it comes out like that.:(:$
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    Jonny Master new City keeper

    Jonny Maxted joins from Accrington Stanley. Since he played more than 20 games in Div 1 you'd think he'd be our no.1. Welcome to City Jonny and wish you success.
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    Women's World Cup

    Controversy in the England v Cameroon match as Cameroon wrongly but understandably dispute England's second goal for offside : it wasn't. Cameroon players huddle and refuse to play for 4 minutes. England moving the ball around quite well but too many times the ball forward from midfield is...
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    Summer holiday plans..

    We plan to go to one of our favourite places in Indonesia in June - Ubud, Bali - followed by some time down on the coast (Sanur, Seminyak). What summer holiday plans do you have?
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    Somebody' s got to do it....Our penultimate home game this season. Hoping for a bumper holiday crowd played in glorious Devon sunshine. Confident of victory, which will put pressure on the chasing pack. 3-0 to City with goals from Bowman, Law and Taylor. Come on City - get those 3 points !
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    Cheltenham T v EXETER CITY Build-up, Predictions, Travel et al

    Lets hope we get back to winning ways and maintain our place in the playoffs. As usual, it will be a tricky game, but we're good enough to win this. C'mon City !
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    Exeter City v Mansfield MDT

    A game of huge significance. A win for City will continue the momentum gained from the hard fought 3 points at County. Here's hoping for good weather, no transport problems, a BIG crowd, lots of noise, and a great win for the team we love - Super Exeter City !! Hugs from far away to Matt and the...
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    CITY V Mansfield Build-up and predictions

    I know it's early, but what the hell. Mansfield has the best defense in the league and we have the third best, but they don't score a whole lotta goals and neither do we. They're not in great form. If Bowman is banned and considering they are not prolific scorers I don't see the point of...
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    The Lincoln City v Exeter City real MDT

    Apologies for previous c*ck-up. Bleddy time difference. I blame Stroudy C'mon City : don't let the barstewards bully you. Ref : get a grip! UTC !!!
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    Lincoln v EXETER CITY MDT

    I will take on the heavy burden of starting the thread for this challenging match versus the new version of Wycombe. Hoping for a strong referee to control the dodgy behaviour of our opponents. A pressure cooker environment, team carrying injuries and 2 long trips within 4 days might prove too...
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    Messaging Problem !!

    I keep trying to send private messages but the system is not working, After submitting nothing happens. Help !
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    England v croatia

    Barkley, Dier and Delph in midfield against a quality Croatia midfield? Sorry : don't like the look of that. But...... Up the Lions
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    Reporting Posts

    In the scheme of world events, being wrongly accused of having reported a post/poster may seem a triviality, but I do find it rather annoying to be tainted as the school creep. I therefore propose the following to avoid such scenarios : 1. Posts should not be reported anonymously 2. If one...
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    Documentary The Great War : Excellent series. Have to watch.

    Over the last few days I've been watching a documentary series (it's really an extended history lesson) entitled "The Great War : Week By Week" presented by Indy Neidell. This is a chronological account of the First World War from start to finish with a lot of detail about personalities...
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    Exeter City v Blackpool FA Cup 1st Rnd 2018 Build-up and Prediction

    Twenty years ago the 1st Round of the FA Cup used to be greatly anticipated, but now it seems to have lost its shine. But I still love it, and hope there is a good crowd to cheer the lads on. Who knows, it might lead to a lucrative and exciting tie against one of the big shots. Forte is back...