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  1. zider


    jumped ship i hear???
  2. zider

    name the film

    from one line only. whats that got to do with my **** ???
  3. zider

    drop box

    do any exewebers use one ? any tips in what to look for , fast upload etc.
  4. zider

    Ecfc v colchester matchday thread

  5. zider

    millwall v city matchday thread

    good luck boys
  6. zider

    what was the last thing

    your wife said to you mine just said f**k off :@
  7. zider

    Charlton v ECFC matchday thread

    Good luck boys - 3 points please if you can. Will be listening here tomorrow Safe journey all the travelling Grecians
  8. zider


    R.I.P molly sugden. sad news.
  9. zider

    happy birthday

    DoIM have a good day [cake]
  10. zider

    Rotheram v ECFC match day thread

    a must win game , come on lads you can do it .
  11. zider

    Here is a story for Ant Moxey.

    I can't find Ants OP but this will help him
  12. zider

    Lincoln v ECFC Match Day Thread

    good luck lads ill take 3 points pls [G]
  13. zider

    brentford v city match day thread

    at least 1 point please lads [G]
  14. zider

    city v dags match day thread

    nowt less then 3 points pls lads[G]
  15. zider

    was there a

    mp1 or mp2 ?
  16. zider

    GTFC *****

    ***** was the only word missing from what was written on the wall in the loos of the spot. :@