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  1. GrecianLez

    Last documentary you watched!!

    Netflix has a series called Dirty Money and it was an episode called Hard Nox Alex Gibney reveals shocking new details about VW's corporate deceit, and exposes the unholy alliance between governments and automakers that allowed the automaker to put tens of thousands of lives at risk - all for...
  2. GrecianLez

    Member posts?

    Does anyone use this on their profile? its like a facebook wall on here.. A personal post that doesn't really belong on a thread
  3. GrecianLez

    £2 Trust subscription

    Is it the rule that we pay only £2 a month to be a member or can you pay more?? Ive been looking at my subscription and I have been a member for over ten years and would like to raise it to ten pound a month. Is that an option? or is £2 the fee? Anyone else pay more? Just throwing it out there
  4. GrecianLez

    Model kit Building (Hobby Thread)

    Turning 40 in January I wanted to get back to a hobby I was doing in my youth, now my ebay basically ticks over I wanted to do something in my spare time. I had a model train set where I built a track, some trains and a few buildings.. Then whilst on holiday I bought a kit and build a plane, now...
  5. GrecianLez

    Taggy to buy all Trust Shares as he pledges 12 million

    This is a test to see if the new Exeweb is working 😀😀
  6. GrecianLez

    Frank lampard

    Watching the game :)
  7. GrecianLez

    Technical issues this week

    Doing back ups tonight so apologies if you find the site down cheers
  8. GrecianLez

    its a miracle care to explain? will he lose his disabled season ticket??
  9. GrecianLez

    Interesting debate on youth football and academy's Thoughts....
  10. GrecianLez

    Players Moving on Thread

    JMT to Middlesborough... rumours or is there truth in it??
  11. GrecianLez

    ECFCNursey : RIP

    It comes with sadness to share that our dear friend Rachel Gale sadly died on Sunday. She was a beautiful, kind woman who was generous, thoughtful and became a blessing to all who she met. I will miss her enormously Its true so true that.... Some people come into our lives and leave...
  12. GrecianLez

    Oh ITV News.... Really.....???????????

    Oh Dear.........
  13. GrecianLez

    Digital Blackface

    Political correctness going too far?? or is she spot on??
  14. GrecianLez

    Mayweather McGregor

    Who do you think will win?????
  15. GrecianLez

    10p in the JukeBox

    Share your favourite Tunes here
  16. GrecianLez

    Trust Chairman

    With Laurence standing down this month... Who will take the reigns?? With Pete Martin standing down on as Chair of the supporters club... Is he throwing his hat into the ring??
  17. GrecianLez

    St James Forum vs The Re-development

    This was just on my Facebook feed and found it very surprising that there allegedly has been no discussion between club and forum on such a delicate proposal!! The club seem...
  18. GrecianLez

    The half a million pound question

    Tisdale said tonight that the club are in the process of spending 500k on a 3G pitch at the cat and fiddle which would help with training and the academy (Tisdale reported he was unable to train the team for three months last year at the C&F) so the question is... Should we spent the cash...
  19. GrecianLez

    McAllister in the team

    Heard a stat then when he starts (or even plays) we never win the game Can this be proven?? Anyone wanna do the research?
  20. GrecianLez

    Euros up the Park

    The club are having the bar open upstairs for the england game today Germany England at 745pm Bar open at 7