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  1. angelic upstart


    Why is pension provision so poor in the UK? Why do so few consider their retirement options and plan for their futures? Why is the state pension so low when compared to our European counterparts?
  2. angelic upstart


    So, anyone have any comment regarding the use of TUE's after the recent revelations in the press?
  3. angelic upstart

    But did you see the jealousy in the eyes of the ones who had to stay behind?

    Great lyrics from the Smiths on their underrated track "London" But if you're like me and missing out on going to the cold North, this is the place to pretend you didn't want to go anyway and prefer watching from the warmth of your local or armchair.
  4. angelic upstart

    Don't let the football, spoil the football

    So what type of fan are ya? Are you the brood for a fortnight when City lose? Me? I don't let the football, spoil the football and move on almost immediately barring special occasions, these are mainly special days out or promotion/relegation then I give football some extra time.
  5. angelic upstart

    Glastonbury festival

    I've been watching Glastonbury festival and I've been thinking its a really weak line up this year (which I think every year and still harbour a desire to go) and it seems that the main stage is almost a parody of a festival line up aimed solely at people that don't understand the original...
  6. angelic upstart

    Horse racing question

    Does anyone know why national hunt racing is predominantly outside of London and the south east and flat racing is almost exclusively in London and the south east?
  7. angelic upstart

    Tonight's trio

    Sevilla Club Brugge Boca Juniors 3.5/1 Oh and Tizlove regardless is 9/4 in the 6.20 at Chelmsford for all you tinters out there.
  8. angelic upstart

    Yay or Nay

    For today's Yay or Nay, I give you TV's Top Gear. Go!
  9. angelic upstart

    Shock sites

    Just seen the worst "shock site" ever. I genuinely don't know why I do it to myself. Do others partake?
  10. angelic upstart


    Can someone fill me in on what has happened to Rangers and the difficulties they're having regarding ownership? Who do the fans want? Why is Ashley so heavily involved with everything yet owns so little?
  11. angelic upstart

    Exeter binge

    Where is good for a small-ish group of gents to go on a late night binge in Exeter? Please bear in mind all of them are 30 plus and mostly know nothing about modern music.
  12. angelic upstart

    The third tranche...

    When the club released a statement recently regarding future possible transfer income, the third tranche is set aside for the playing budget over a period of time. I would envisage that many would see this as a positive but would this be at the detriment of our youth players? Would the good...
  13. angelic upstart


    Who's gonna win the World Championship this year? I will state it won't be anyone with the walk on music eat, sleep, rave, repeat.
  14. angelic upstart

    Urban myths?

    Here's your opportunity to post an urban myth. The Chuckle brothers are, in fact, a father and son duo.
  15. angelic upstart

    Sympathetic local council

    Looks like a very good deal for Argyle.
  16. angelic upstart

    The wooden carving at the Cranford Tavern, Exmouth

    Does anyone know if it was anyone in particular?
  17. angelic upstart

    Malky Mackay

    Allegedly, I have seen some of the texts. Looks like Mr Tan has ensured he'll struggle to he work for some time.
  18. angelic upstart

    Happy Eid everyone

    Just thought I would wish everyone a happy Eid, and that I hope everyone stuffs their faces.
  19. angelic upstart

    So what's happened now?

    Looks like Danny Coles has been up to his old tricks. Some people never learn eh?
  20. angelic upstart

    It's happening Al20k

    You've made the word famous! Incidentally it's quite a good, if long article.