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  1. Wellyred

    Rude Jobsworth

    Jeez..almost everyone of your posts are either rude or incredibly arrogant..its all very yawn yawn with you now. I'm sure you do it just to get noticed..
  2. Wellyred

    Grimsby Town v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Oh dear!, just seen the Watkins goal, and that isn't the kind of goal we want Ollie scoring in front of all those scouts. Classy goal from seriously inform player. He has to be worth a million, doesn't he??
  3. Wellyred

    Newport County v Exeter City - Official Matchday Thread

    Exactly how I saw it today Russ..thought Mcalinden was outstanding today..a constant threat. Good to see you today by the way..its been a while
  4. Wellyred

    25 Years Ago Today

    I didn't know Dazza went on Jim'll fix it??
  5. Wellyred


    One Two Three Four Minutes to go Automatic promotion over! What goes round, comes round you sad little t*at
  6. Wellyred

    Get a CENTRE back in now!!!

    Bloody hell Jim....I'm sure the current Mrs D wishes you'd show her this much passion 😉
  7. Wellyred

    Scott Bennett

    Funny you should ask! I was working in the londis shop in clyst st Mary this afternoon and scot walked in, and Shabba is spot on! He told me he was having a scan next Tuesday. Had a little chat and I thought what a nice polite lad he was.
  8. Wellyred

    I'm afraid got some BAD NEWS

    Yawn, yawn, stroker
  9. Wellyred

    Do not go gentle into that good night...

    Now Jayne, you've no idea who Iam and I've never had the pleasure of meeting you, but that must be the most negative comment I have heard on he in ages.. You really are a grade A ********. Super idea Al, if we're gona go down, go down fighting. I've not posted on here for ages, but that kind of...
  10. Wellyred

    Mr Tisdale your petulance...

    Must admit Gwinnett staring aggressively was well out of order! Right **** head. Not sure what the guy try to achieve.
  11. Wellyred

    Peterborough United versus Exeter City prediction thread!

    Who remembers the 4-3 defeat there in 89? Wasn't it 2-0 down, 3-2 up then 4-3 defeat..Danny Bailey piledriver if my memory serves me well
  12. Wellyred

    When was the last time we were top of the table?

    Bloody hell I remember that moment..your place was packed and you all came over to our tiny away end..couldn't help but think it wouldn't have been so friendly if that had gone in!!!
  13. Wellyred

    Your top 5 favourite goal celebrations.............

    That was a goodun, your right there. Fleetwoods goal at brentford in the promotion season was good. The away end was rocking. Troys goal at sheff wed was special though.. So many good memories to chose from
  14. Wellyred

    From the Past. Exeter 3 Newport 0. Feb 1976

    That wouldn't have been a few days before Cardiff came to town would it Russ??
  15. Wellyred

    City get a new CEO

    Yes Hants i used to know him quite well. I used to play against him quite a bit when he played for Bishop Hull cricket club, near Taunton, if you didnt already know. Very elegant right hand bat. Have'nt seen Guy for years but was a thoroughly nice chap back in our cricketing days. If my memory...
  16. Wellyred

    Greatest player to ever grace SJP.

    When did Becks play at SJP. I thought he'd left before we played them in the cup..or is this a wind up and I've fallen for it!
  17. Wellyred

    Charlton Prediction Thread

    Not had the pleasure of being on the bank this year....please tell me you are joking with the £4 per bottle...if not that is a f*cking joke that i for one hope backfires.
  18. Wellyred

    Tisdale: "We have a problem scoring at the moment, but that is easily rectified"

    Re: Tisdale: "We have a problem scoring at the moment, but that is easily rectified" Yawn, Yawn, Yawn
  19. Wellyred

    Big Bank Bar

    Sorry if this has already been mentioned...couldn't make it today and was keen to know if the bar on the bank was a roaring success?
  20. Wellyred

    Travelling with the players!

    It seems like we were the only dopey feckers to part with our cash!