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  1. Larry Wilkie

    Local BBC?

    Hi, Living away from Exeter I don't get a chance to catch up with the BBC Spotlight, but I have looked on their Twitter and Facebook pages, and shockingly, there is actually no mention at all of tomorrow nights match!! Do we think this would be the case if a certain other team were in a play...
  2. Larry Wilkie

    Tisdale for Leicester?!?!?

    We usually get a new thread when a manager goes from further up the league. Personally think it is a great shame that Ranieri should be shown the door so soon after winning the title.
  3. Larry Wilkie

    Football League Revamp? Any thoughts on this? 8 less fixtures a season can't be a great thing for teams like ours can it?
  4. Larry Wilkie

    Westley and Posh part company
  5. Larry Wilkie

    Chris Todd to FGR

    Just for info, in case anyone is interested, according to the local paper here in Newport, Chris Todd has turned down a new contract at Newport County, as he wanted an improved offer. He has now signed a two year contract at Forest Green.
  6. Larry Wilkie

    Plymouth Tickets

    Hi, Wonder if anyone on here can help with this. I am trying to purchase a ticket for the Plymouth game through Ticket Zone, but when I put my details in, it says details not recognised. I have checked my details match those on the Trust website and they do. My trust number is 1364, so I am...
  7. Larry Wilkie

    Jon Challinor Released

    I know he divided opinion when he was here, and this may not be of interest to many, but JC has just been released by Newport County (and no I'm not even thinking about a should we shouldn't we question, this is for info only). He doesn't seem to have set the world alight elsewhere, unless I've...