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  1. flat_cap

    The Gulf Between City and Arg*le

    Was at work (Exeter Airport) on Wednesday when in walks monkey face himself, Peter Reid, along with a couple of other blokes who I didn't recognise. They came over to the desk and enquired how much a flight would be to Manchester. It was £102. Several phone calls and discussions later, Mr Reid...
  2. flat_cap

    Dublin Hotels

    Can anyone recommend any top notch hotels in Dublin? Taking the girlfriend there in May, but she didn't like my idea of just sleeping in the airport.
  3. flat_cap

    10 Litres in 10 Hours for The Stanno Foundation

    So, me and a few mates were having a chinese tonight and one of them bet another that he couldn't eat 10 litres of ice cream in 10 hours. The end result: Another hopefully rather hilarious way of raising some cash for the Adam Stansfield Foundation. I hope the around the grounds guys don't...
  4. flat_cap

    Sidmouth Hospital

    Anyone ever been there or even better been treated there? Going in for another operation on my dodgy knee tomorrow but am a bit nervous. I know I shouldn't be, because the docs there have obviously been to the same med schools as everyone else, but I just feel a lot more assured in a bigger...
  5. flat_cap

    Best deals on new phones

    Well, it's that time of year when my mobile phone contract is up for renewal. Anyone recently purchased a new contract that they can't stop shouting about or seen any good buys in some shop windows? I think ideally I would like an iphone (I have a blackberry at the moment which is great, but I...
  6. flat_cap

    Croydon Athletic and the Cricket Scandal

    Even Argiggle aren't in this much of a mess;
  7. flat_cap

    Martyn Rogers Testimonial v Blackpool

    This Friday 16th July 7.30pm k.o. at Ladysmead. Anyone else going? Clap from me.
  8. flat_cap

    Parking Ticket Live On Air

    US TV presenter gets 10 parking tickets live on air: Gutteddd!
  9. flat_cap


    ...Is the best supermarket imo. Ok so it may be a little more expensive than the other supermarkets, but the difference in quality of their own brand products compared with Tesco's, Somerfield's etc equivalents is massive. I also find that the Sainsbury's fresh produce is often a lot fresher...
  10. flat_cap


    I'm sure this must have been done before, but I haven't actually seen a thread dedicated to this beautiful caffeine based drink. I have just purchased my first ever Mocha, and must say it is much better than I had expected. A bit like a cross between coffee and hot chocolate. Seems to be doing...
  11. flat_cap

    VDOs (Volcano Days Off)

    After having 7 of these last month, am I about to get some more?? :D Sky News seems to think so...
  12. flat_cap

    Another Great Atmosphere Today!

    Cheers guys and girls! :D
  13. flat_cap

    Albert Riera...

    Describes Liverpool as ''A sinking ship'' Then abandons it. Coward.
  14. flat_cap

    Exeweb v Looney Toons Matchday Thread

    That time of the week again, folks! We are a bit stretched tonight, thanks to Manc and Simon neglecting their responsibilities and going to play for the legends instead, so if there is anyone out there who fancies a game of 6-a-side tonight, then get in touch! Team for tonight: Stix JoshyD...
  15. flat_cap

    Exeweb v Rainbow Six Matchday Thread

    Exclusive team news: 1. Stix (The commitment of this guy is becoming simply unbelievable) 2. Jan 3. JoshyD (A goal from this lad tonight is almost certainly on the cards) 4. TCF (A goal from this lad tonight is almost certainly not on the cards) 5. Adam 6. Flat Cap On the bench for the...
  16. flat_cap

    England v Egypt

    Any other City fans going?? Will be my first international game, although I have of course been to Wembley a couple of times before!
  17. flat_cap

    Exeweb v MCD United Matchday Thread!

    Sure we had one of these last week, so thought I'd continue the tradition. First league game of the season for the Exeweb 'C' Team... Confidence will be high after the demolition of Swedish Glory last week in our final pre-season friendly, so we will be looking for all 2 points (2 for a win, 1...
  18. flat_cap

    Showboating at the Winter Olympics

    No words can do this goal justice. :-O Looks amazing in slow-motion! Jocelyne Lamoureux, take a bow.
  19. flat_cap

    35,000 Threads on Exeweb

    Just noticed that this thread is the 35,000th on Exeweb! Here's to another 35,000!
  20. flat_cap

    Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints!

    Champions in their 1st ever superbowl... 3 hours and 45 minutes after the coverage starting on Sky Sports and I still have no idea about american football, but a thoroughly enjoyable spectacle nevertheless, can't wait until next year!