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    I really got annoyed at Northampton with their player who was subbed. He basically wanted to sit down where he was as if his legs had stopped working. The ref should have booked him there and then as that was the most pathetic time wasting I have ever seen.
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    Former Players

    To be honest I don't see a big money move for Williams. Although he is playing well he looks like a good L2/L1 player. He is already 23 and I suspect he has one year left on his contract after this season. What sort of club is going to spend big on him? Top end L1 clubs do not buy players from...
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    Former Players

    I heard the Williams sell on fee for Watford is 50% sadly.
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    Northampton Town v Exeter City - Matchday Thread

    It was a definite pen no two ways about it.
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    Northampton Town v Exeter City - Matchday Thread

    On reflection the change that should have been made was ajose off and Taylor on with jay behind bowman to strengthen the midfield.
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    Northampton Town v Exeter City - Matchday Thread

    That was a poor performance today from our midfield, Collins was awful and we created very little. Ward also looks like he has lost confidence he is not commanding his area at all.
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    Northampton Town v Exeter City - Matchday Thread

    Weather here 30 minutes from Northampton is bright and sunny no rain but quite windy.
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    Northampton Town v Exeter City discussion thread

    Id go with the same team from last Saturday
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    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    Lampard will get him back at Chelsea when the loan ends. He is exactly the sort of player that lampard wants there.
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    Portsmouth V's Exeter City EFL Trophy SF Official Match Day Thread

    Positives all round from last night, although I don't rate Fisher at all. Law was also poor again, I seriously hope that Jay is preferred over him now in the league.
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    Plymouth game moved to Monday night - confirmed

    You can buy a one day pass from Sky for the sports channels which is pretty much the same price as ifollow.
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    EFL Trophy Semi Final Draw

    He played though because he was suspended from his red card. It was the sensible decision then. For him to play Sat-Tue-Sat at this stage of the season is very unwise, given how important he is to us now. I sincerely hope he plays no part in this match at all and is kept for the Northampton game.
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    EFL Trophy Semi Final Draw

    Atangana should not play. He is too important to risk in a game like this.
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    Are Our Fans Too Polite?

    Mate of mine went to MK v Sunderland and said you could hear a pin drop ...
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    Exeter City FC v Oldham Athletic AFC Match Day Thread

    Law is 32 in March. Many players have a steep drop off in performance at this age. Law has been a fantastic player and may still be. But at the moment I think his level has dropped badly in the last few games. Holmes was a shoe in for every game not that long ago, probably our best player. Now...