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    Randell Williams joins Exeter City from Watford

    The sell on fee for Watford is 50%. They were reluctant to let him go and it was the only way we could sign him.
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    City v Newport predictions and chat.

    I think we'll win comfortably. 0-4 with Bowman, Law x 2, and Moxey getting the goals. Newport are not as good as others have made out and sooner or later we'll take our chances. Watch this space.....
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    Nicky Ajose

    Simply not true. I know 2 Bradford City fans and both said that their fans couldn't believe they didn't do more to keep him and that we had signed a class player.
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    Exeter City v Port Vale 17/9/19 Match Day Thread

    Not our greatest performance but the result is all that matters and come May 2020 no-one will recall the performance against Vale on a Tuesday night in September, only the 3 points. Seymour struggled to get involved, much like Ajose when he played, and scuffed his one chance wide. Not a good...
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    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    He should have gone to a Championship club where he'd play regulalrly
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    Exeter City v Port Vale 17/9/19 Match Day Thread

    I predict starts for Richardson and Fisher. 2-0. Att: 3648
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    Argyle tickets

    Its not lazy cultural stereotyping. Its a fact that the majority of Plymouth fans are lazy, benefit claiming, inbred, chavvy scumbags who mock us for having jobs and wearing chinos, whilst they knock about clad up in dirty tracksuits stinking of fags and fish.
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    Exeter City v Leyton Orient Match Day Thread.

    The ref was poor, no doubt about it. He wasn't particularly biased towards one team though. He blew up for fouls on occasions where it would have been advantageous to allow play to carry on (this happened to both sides) and Ling should have been sent of as he commited at least 3 yellow card...
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    Nigel Atangana Signs

    He looks like a tidy defensive midfielder but to be honest the video tells us little. Thats obviously his best bits and you'd need to see a video of his worst bits to add a bit of balance.
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    Exeter City v Leyton Orient Match Day Thread.

    Sparkes was great today, particularly in the second half. He'll turn out to be a real asset for us. Moxey was also class again. At centre half he's arguably our best player and reads the game brilliantly. Law was relatively quiet, as was Bowman, and for the first time this season I detected some...
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    Exeter City v Leyton Orient Match Day Thread.

    I reckon so. He was at fault for one of the goals and made some misjudgements in the second half. Many around me couldn't beleive that straight swap of Arron Martin for Parkes when we're 2-1 down but I understood Taylors thinking and Parkes literally didn't put a foot wrong once he came on...
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    Argyle tickets

    bell jar noun a bell-shaped glass cover used in a laboratory, typically for enclosing samples. an environment in which someone is protected or cut off from the outside world.
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    Exeter City Versus Leyton Orient prediction and discussion thread

    Holmes is the most disappointing for me. We knew Atangana would be out for the first 10 games but where the f'k is Holmes. He picked up a niggle pre season ffs. What niggle takes 8 weeks to recover from? He'll come back, take a few games to find his fitness and form, and then he'll be out for...
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    Argyle tickets

    A clear retort indeed! I have a feeling it was Burnley that the bank was given to in the 90's as they were celebrating promotion. Wouldn't happen these days there would be uproar, and rightly so. Argyle wouldn't dream of entering the bank these days uninvited.
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    Argyle tickets

    Giving them the BB is completely different you bell jar. Its our home end, the largest standing terrace in English football and I would never want Argyle fans to stand there, it would be a disgrace. Even with a full cleanse and disinfection it would still be stained. However, giving them a few...