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    Attendances and January Window

    Watching the interview on the official site it doesn't sound like Randell is totally settled in the area so it would seem likely he might move on next summer; if he keeps improving that should net us a decent profit and hopefully some of our youngsters will be ready to take his place in the...
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    Attendances and January Window

    I think the assumption is that Randell is under the contract until the end of next season. I certainly haven't heard any suggestions that we need to cash in on him this January.
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    Former Players

    Jayden getting the plaudits for his performance last weekend.
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    Grecian Archive & ECFC Museum

    Thanks for this. It's fascinating to look at and I wonder how many more names will be added in the next few seasons. As always a few minor points of pedantry No matter what rules you use it unfortunately doesn't change the fact that Jordan Tillson was never a member of our academy. One player...
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    Jay Stansfield

    As suggested by me a few posts ago! More seriously does anyone know if any of the add-ons are related to international appearances, even at youth level, and if we are therefore due any money.
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    Cambridge v Us match day thread. FA CUP 1st rd.

    It's the nature of message boards and fans in general. Ryan Bowman also seems to be getting a lot of the blame for our recent poor results, even though the goals conceded seems to be a bigger issue than us not scoring enough at the other end.
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    Cambridge v Us match day thread. FA CUP 1st rd.

    What is more worrying is that we had 14 shots, including 3 on target, but only scored once, whereas Cambridge didn't have a shot on target in normal time. It's becoming a bit habit for us to fail win games that. statistically at least, we appear to be dominating - Grimsby, Crewe, Bradford and...
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    Cambridge v Us match day thread. FA CUP 1st rd.

    Great to hear. I haven't been able to see much of our recent games but from the bits I have seen Archie seems to have really kicked on in recent weeks and responded well to the competition from Nigel. Randell seems to be getting all the attention but I would expect Archie to also be attracting...
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    Team V Cambridge Utd - FA Cup (9th November 2019)

    Well I too was only watching on iFollow but it certainly looked to me like for the goals last week Sweeney and Parkes were expecting a shout from the keeper - although they still have been able to clear the ball whether there was communication from Maxted or not. I also agreed with Pete’s...
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    Team of the Decade

    But this is supposed to be a team of the decade and George Friend only played 13, admittedly influential, games for us when he came back on loan in the spring of 2010. Equally Deano originally left in 2009 so can only be judged on his contribution since returning in 2017. Therefore, surely the...
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    Bradford City v Exeter City official matchday thread

    As the law stands today a late two-footed sliding tackle will get you a red card. However, it looked mis-timed rather than a reckless attempt to injure the opponent and I'm sure in the past it would have only been a booking.
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    Tisdale out brigade - Mk Edition.

    And presumably a cheap appointment as well!
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    Bradford City v Exeter City official matchday thread

    I wouldn't worry too much about Sparkes, he's already played more games than would have been expected this season and I'm sure he'll be back in contention soon. Archie has missed the odd game here or there for similar reasons but usually been back in the team pretty quickly. There's also no-one...
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    Jay Stansfield

    He must be close to being picked for a junior England side - I wonder if that will bring us any money from the add-ons.