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    Randell Williams joins Exeter City from Watford

    Put a stupid price on him WHEN we need to sell him not just because Billy BigBalls up the road wants him.
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    Last film watched..

    I use the Sky remote and just forward 3 hrs at a time going forward about 2 weeks worth at a time pick out any films I want and press record there and then.
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    Last film watched..

    Something very satisfying when watching The Deep this morning especially the opening scene's with Jacqueline Bisset in a white T-shirt underwater. With all the water based films around this time coming out always preferred this one as there was a bit of basis in history in the storyline , Still...
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    Newport County v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Just watching the EFL Goals show and the commentator saying Parkes challenge warranted a penalty … How the hell can a player on the floor challenge for a ball when he has face almost on the pitch not seeing what's coming his way ? Also its been said that our player was basically holding his head...
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    Newport County v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Having watched the pen on different shows I reckon their player certainly made the most of a player on the floor , Making sure he was brought down / dived and a stronger ref may have booked him for simulation. Never mind I console myself that the scumdog millionaire's Burgyle lost to Cheltenham.
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    The Devon/Cornwall Derby

    The gaws still deluding themselves with the fact they are only 10 points behind us , Whereas they should be concentrating that the mighty Stevenage are only 8 points behind them at the foot of the League !! HAHAHAHAHAHA .
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    Refreshing honesty from All Time Lowe

    Now the gaws are saying the ref for their match is an Exeter City fan … Which makes it even better tbh. UTC.
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    Refreshing honesty from All Time Lowe

    HAHAHAHA Read the tweets underneath the best has to be "watching Danny Mayor skin defenders week in week out " and " His name is Danny Mayor he's nothing but the best" Hope the Cheltenham players didn't take too much skin off his ankles when he had to be subbed off HAHAHAHAHA.
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    Refreshing honesty from All Time Lowe

    Don't forget to cast your votes for the ref at their game today I gave him a 10/10
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    Refreshing honesty from All Time Lowe

    Just reading his Wiki page when he was manager at Bury … Players who did not fulfil their potential had to go and be replaced by players with some passion who could get bums off seats" That was shortly after Bury got relegated. Now where have we heard that recently ? Oh yeah he said it to the...
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    Argyle tickets

    If I had the wings of a sparrow !
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    Refreshing honesty from All Time Lowe

    He certainly will give a **** when he has the janner nation on his back abusing him from the stands !
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    Politics Today
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    Exeter City v Port Vale 17/9/19 Match Day Thread

    Ohhhhh you've done it now ! Whatever you do DONT ask for credentials or certificates.
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    Politics Today

    My point is he has only been PM for a certain number of days , If he had been PM for the last 2-3 years then yes he would ultimately be responsible . And no my son has never and will never make any sort of proper recovery , he was wrongly diagnosed by 2 stand in foreign doctors and 1 British...