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    Exeter City FC v Oldham Athletic AFC Match Day Thread

    Just managed to catch up with the result. Well done City, that's helped the goal difference a tadge. :D
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    Exeweb Beat The Bookie 2019/20 Season

    It didn't do me any favours either.
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    Exeter City v Stevenage Mental Health Awareness Matchday Thread

    Well done, City - and Colchester! Keep it up.
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    Exeweb Beat The Bookie 2019/20 Season

    £20 Colchester win £20 Port Vale win £20 Crewe draw £20 Morecambe and Carlisle double Thank you.
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    Politics Today

    Indeed. Leave winning the referendum took the wind out of the sails of any 'populism' that may have arisen in the UK. We dodged a bullet there. (y)
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    Politics Today

    I've certainly answered that question in the past and done so quite fully. As I'm sure others have. The reason I cba to do so these days is that your constant repetition is just too tedious and, frankly, boring.
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    Politics Today

    👆 oooh! horrible leavers just attack people. (says remainer). 👆 👇(as remainer attacks leavers for no reason). 👇
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    Exeweb Beat The Bookie 2019/20 Season

    £25.00 Cheltenham Draw £25.00 Newport Draw £25.00 Mansfield Win Thank you.
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    Social media presence

    Aye, was glad to see Scott and Dannyred's exchange. It is all too easy on a forum to assume what someone is like and extrapolate incorrectly from simple text exchanges. Dannyred is an incredible supporter and absolutely not aggressive at all - despite his, erm, passionate posting style!
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    Exeter City v Cambridge United (H) EFL D2 Match Day Thread

    Well done City. Good win. (y)
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    Exeter City v Ipswich Town : EFL Trophy : Match Day Thread.

    Comment away. Your experience and knowledge is invaluable. Ignore the rantings of the jealous minority. (y)
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    What if you're wrong?
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    Elgin, I appreciate you and IndoMike bring up a similar point and quite rightly so on this matter. However, I just wanted to add a little balance to this. Labour are no saints. They are not the loving caring guardians of the unemployed, the poor, the homeless, or the disabled that you would like...
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    We have £500 to donate - what should we help fund?

    Voted for the women's team, naturlich.
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    Have to say, as far as low shots and vitriole is concerned, Remainers are the worst. By a country mile. Absolutely no need for it, imo.