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    Yasmin Western- Trust Election Thread

    In the end as long as they are a studious intelligent prospect, I will favour a younger more diverse candidate over others, as we clearly need some looking at the make-up of our board. In the end as a middle aged white man myself, I feel that demographic is covered sufficiently on the Trust...
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    Exeter City v Forest Green Rovers Matchday Thread

    Think Sparkes crossing is one of the main plus points of this season, his delivery is excellent, and may get us a lot of cash. It's a big thing in modern football, a defender who can hit in strong crosses.
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    Exeter City V Vegan Rovers Discussion Thread

    I like Michelle Owen, she knows her local football, despite her husband being a Garg fan, so this could be good. When I was a steward, I saw her being introduced to Tis, one of her first games I think, understudying, so have kept an eye on her in her rise up the Sky ladder ever since, in a...
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    Ollie Watkins

    Wasn't really his role with Wheels in the side, wasn't his role with Brentford with maupay in the side either, but he could always head the ball a bit. Do remember him missing one in the last minutes at Wembley I think, the moment when my hope died totally.
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    Ollie Watkins

    Got to think teams going for the Prem pot of gold at the top of the championship, or wanting to keep it at the bottom of the Prem might go big, important goals at late stages will obviously mean squiliions, worth the risk for a Leeds or West Brom or whomever is struggling. Was kinda more...
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    Exeter City v Leyton Orient Match Day Thread.

    Why not both, central mid is a position you generally take a bit of time to learn, put through one incredible ball in the first half, top class. I mean we sold grimes early on, but it's really taken him to last season to really mature.
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    Exeter City v Leyton Orient Match Day Thread.

    Anyway on a more positive note, think this was the major plus of the game, his crossing was brilliant, and he looked really strong, really should have had about 3 assists.
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    Exeter City v Leyton Orient Match Day Thread.

    I don't buy this really, I was pretty angry with the ref, and even if we had got a last minute winner, I'd have thought he was rubbish. Again, talking about individual incidents, is interesting, but in the end, it was the systematic fouling and off-the-ball fouling, stopping all flow, which the...
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    Taylor turns down approach from other club

    Gawd this place is tiresome at times.
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    Exeter City v Leyton Orient Match Day Thread.

    All of these things can be correct though, it was an appalling start to the second half, but we were by far the better team for the rest of the match, and the combination of weak refereeing and shithouse tactics cost us.
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    Exeter City v Leyton Orient Match Day Thread.

    He did not have a good game, was a bit of a statue at times, and yeah he possibly wasn't pro-active in getting in there first. Dragging him off, if there's no injury is pretty damning.
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    Exeter City v Leyton Orient Match Day Thread.

    Officals were appalling, Let Leyton Orient get away with so many persistent niggling fouls, and the challenge on Williams was two-footed and from behind from what I could see, was on the other side of the ground though. I was in the new old grandstand for the first time, quite impressed, won't...
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    Exeweb Beat The Bookie 2019/20 Season

    All in Exeter City v Leyton orient
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    Cricket 2019

    I have taken the week off for the last week of September, might as well tempt fate, nothing else as worked in 128 years, or whatever it is. Secretly hoping the rest of September is washed out though from next week, I'll take a win anyway I can get it.
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    Former Players

    Still waiting for tht sell-on fee, that the genius former directors negotiated.