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    Premier League Cup 2019-20

    This is showing as a 3pm kick off? When will that be confirmed? If it was in the evening I would probably go but cant make 3pm..........
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    PSF: Southend United

    Why not play it as a proper friendly? Would be better than some of the NL teams?
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    Former Players

    I must have missed us releasing him? Thought he was under contract?
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    Transfers in/outs 2019/20 and Retained list

    I didnt know that. Have we signed another bleddy crock?
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    Former Players

    Can someone post both please
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    2019/20 Season. Key Dates confirmed

    As I understand it the clubs can ask for which fixtures they want midweek and the EFL do their bet to accomodate. We tend to ask, I beleive, for games that if played on a Saturday would need an (expensive) overnight stay but that if done on a midweek can be done on the day. Games that can always...
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    Former Players

    Er..... think for his career being a First Team Coach may be better than U23 Manager?
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    New goalkeeper / s

    He was for a bit but didnt play. Now back in Poland Paul Jones has been warming Fleetwood's bench all season
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    Midweek 'Impacting ECFC' Fixtures Thread

    A draw for Newport tonight is still problematic because, if they lose tonight then a draw for us Saturday would lilely put us in (Col would need to win 3-0, Carlisle 7-0 and Stevenage 10-0) If they draw tongiht then a draw for us Saturday is no good if Newport win...................
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    Former Players

    Yep, we gave him two identical goals and that was that. Came off on about 85 minutes to a great ovation from the c600 present
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    He's been at Fleetwood all season.............. not sure hes played a minute and is looking old now!!!!
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    Hiram Boateng take a bow

    The positive about this is that I read it that he is contracted for next year so either (a) bumper fee or (b) another season
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    ECFC v Crawley Town build up, predictions etc. 1PM KICK OFF

    Better not be a sell out as for some reason I cant log on to order tickets
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    Player of the season

    Yep, Law for sure
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    ECFC v Crawley Town build up, predictions etc. 1PM KICK OFF

    It's actually quite annoying as, being in Exeter from 8am on Friday I could have gone and watched an 11am local game in the SWPL and then gone to City for 3pm and still got my same train home. I cant see the logic for bringing it forward at all and would appreciate whoever made the decision...