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    Kabongo Tshimanga

    Depends how much and whether we receive a Watkins windfall.
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    Kabongo Tshimanga

    Whether or not we were in for him, I don’t know but it’s only a matter of time before a league club takes a punt. If we were interested then perhaps we will make a move in the summer but I suspect he’d command a decent fee, so probably no chance for us.
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    Matt Jay

    Totally agree with you here. I used to wonder why Jay was given a new deal as he never seemed to progress, but I am going to eat my words as he’s improved 10 fold this season. Since he’s been moved into a deeper role he’s been excellent and he’s scored some excellent goals and also created...
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    Exeter v Stevenage discussion thread

    The players need to be 100% at it on Saturday. The danger is that we take Stevenage lightly after cruising past them in the cup and they will be scrapping for everything they can get. I wonder if MT will make a few changes. Perhaps rest Parkes and play Dickenson at LWB. Also I hope he starts...
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    What's the most Grecians have taken away ?

    Back when we won 3-0 at Argyle in ‘93 there was a lot that travelled. Must have been 2500 or there abouts.
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    Swindon v ECFC

    Agreed. Get big Nige to stand on him all game.
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    Welcome to Brennan Dickenson

    That’s bad, must be a tough time for him. Hopefully we can give him a happy home and he can progress with us.
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    Welcome to Brennan Dickenson

    Happy with this! Welcome, Brennan
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    January Transfer Window Ins Outs And Rumours

    New signing to be announced at 12pm according to our official Twitter.
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    January Transfer Window Ins Outs And Rumours

    Agreed, he seems to fit the bill perfectly as his strongest position is LWB. I also understand it’s a loan but I’d imagine there will be a chance of making it permanent if all goes well.
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    January Transfer Window Ins Outs And Rumours

    This is the name I’ve heard too. Should be announced today. Was excellent at Colchester but then got a bad injury. He came back and played all last season at Col U before moving to MK in the summer.
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    Tillson to Ross County

    Ian, are you ok?
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    January Transfer Window Ins Outs And Rumours

    Or, it once again flags up the poor standard or Scottish football. Tillson always gave 100% and he had some very good games for us (Carlisle at home in the play offs and the first half vs Coventry at Wembley spring to mind) but he’s a very limited player. Taylor recognised this and brought in...
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    January Transfer Window Ins Outs And Rumours

    A reliable poster on the football forum has posted a link to the Ross County forum where it’s suggested they’ve signed one of our central midfielders, but no name mentioned. If that’s true, and it’s so random it just maybe, then it’s surely Tillson. Time will tell on that this week.