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    Crewe Alexandra v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Bowman's got to start taking his chances.
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    Carlisle v Exeter City Matchday Thread.

    Sounds like we've been all over them, to be honest with you.
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    Coventry City V Exeter City Carabao Cup 1st Round - Matchday Thread

    Fisher having a stinker apparently, which isn't really surprising given he was ineffectual at Taunton Town.
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    Macclesfield prediction

    City 5-0 Macclesfield - Ajose hat-trick. Att: 4,535
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    Little things that annoy you

    First day of Wimbledon and already someone's used the word 'quintessential'
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    League 2 News

    I'd disagree. Very decent for this level. Hanson a good link up man and Green a proven L2 goalscorer.
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    Politics Today

    I'm not one to slag off the BBC but that was appalling. Terrible format and poorly moderated. C4's on Sunday with a studio audience was infinitely better.
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    Signing about to be announced

    Hearing that we're about to sign 19-year-old Greek goalkeeper Apolýtos Kaneís on a free transfer.
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    Summer 2019 - Possible signings

    Should we be starting to get a bit worried about the lack of transfer action? Newport's season finished three weeks after ours yet they've already signed more players, including a goalkeeper.
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    Politics Today

    Agree. Only way I think it would happen if it was a condition for a Labour - Lib Dem coalition.
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    Summer 2019 - Possible signings

    Indeed. What a good investment Mr Stockley turned out to be.
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    Kabongo Tshimanga

    I'm almost certain that was Paul McCallum
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    Wage structure

    I think that's a little high, Martin. I've been told the baseline budget is around £1.1m, which is currently being topped up to around £1.5m. Competitive but by no means at the level of some big spenders.
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    Retained List

    Giving a two-year deal to Forte, who was almost 32 at the time and mainly a sub at Notts County, was poor business by MT and hopefully something he'll learn from.
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    Ryan Lowe

    Be interesting to see how he does with a squad that the club can afford to pay.