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    Season tickets 2020/21

    On point Six. I can tell you that there are people who clearly think the club should not have held back for now. Differing opinions, innit.
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    EFL Football suspended until 30 April

    Yes they were, but in a season that potentially didn't exist. Just an example. If there was a catch all solution, we'd already know what's going to happen.
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    EFL Football suspended until 30 April

    I agree, perhaps the simplest route, though not without problems. Bury - Can you expel a Club in a season that didn't happen?
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    Below the National League

    The decision is to expunge results, not close the season in the positions teams are now.
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    The threat of Coronavirus to ECFC

    That's not the same as "all subsequent deaths in that hospital" though, is it? If you die in hospital after a serious road accident, that will not be recorded as a coronavirus death, even if others have died from the virus in the same hospital.
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    The threat of Coronavirus to ECFC

    His source has been at the sauce.
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    Finishing the season.

    The end of June is a decisive moment, as that is when players contracts are up. Nobody, certainly not the EFL, can interfere with the individual contracts between Clubs and players unless by agreement with all concerned. The big push will be to meet this deadline, somehow.
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    League 2 next season 2020/21.

    Be careful not to leave it hanging around afterwards, you can't trust anyone these days!
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    League 2 next season 2020/21.

    Cost you twice as much, but the answer's obvious. Two tickets per match and see how the game pans out. You can't lose!
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    Grecians 1 Chiefs 0

    Are you not feeling ultra loved?
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    Ollie Watkins

    To a lesser degree certainly, but ECFC do the same thing. Awards evening on the penultimate Saturday of the season?
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    League 2 News

    The last three posts are seriously premature. With three matches to go before that one, let's not get fixated on those three points.
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    Plymouth game moved to Monday night - confirmed

    Are you bidding to usurp Doc D?
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    Plymouth game moved to Monday night - confirmed

    m and w are at opposite ends of my keyboard!:)
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    Matt Jay

    May speak for itself, but tells you absolutely nothing. Post 115 is right, it's a team game.