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    Exeter City v Port Vale 17/9/19 Match Day Thread

    Some people seem to be talking about this like it's a training match. By all means make changes if necessary but we shouldn't need to be thinking about resting players at this point of the season.
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    Carlisle Utd Versus Exeter City Discussion and prediction thread

    I presume that the thing about games being streamed on iFollow in the UK when it's an international break weekend doesn't apply this season? There doesn't seem to be the option to buy on the official site.
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    Bury fan in peace.

    Apologies if i've missed it but has anything definite been said about where the additional side comes from for next season? At present the L2 table on the BBC shows only one team relegated and then two coming up which would achieve this but if Bury were allowed to join L2 next season, how would...
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    Proper Interesting Thread

    Vicars aren't allowed to have moustaches. They can have a beard including a moustache but not a moustache on its own.
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    Exeter City on this day

    On this day in 1985 we beat Argyle 2-0 at SJP in the Milk Cup to secure a 3-2 aggregate victory. I've got the programme but can't scan it cos me printer's playing up, as all printers do.
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    Did you know...

    The slowest time ever recorded in the Ten Tours was by a team made up of the main cast members of Ghostbusters. They put it down to their refusal to cross the streams.
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    SSD fanzine subscriptions 2019/20

    Don't mention the bleddy website to me :) A UK subscription is £8 and thanks as always for your ongoing support. We haven't looked into folders but I'll put it on the agenda for the next SSD board meeting.
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    Little things that annoy you

    I have a supermarket-related one which also dips a toe into GJW’s general people-based annoyances. Crediton Tesco (big). The layout is all over the place and the signage is terrible. I thought I was being really dim as I meandered around, back and forth, trying to find what I wanted until I...
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    Argyle tickets

    This might be old news by now but Argyle tickets go on sale to Gold priority members on Sunday:
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    Exmouth Town FC

    I've got no idea how i came to have this but i found this 1987 programme in a box earlier: It's also signed on the back with, i think, Watford players if you can make any of them out:
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    England's Ashes Test Team

    Nathan Lyon is the king of the fumble. I made that up five minutes ago so please be gentle.
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    Oldham Athletic v Exeter City Official Matchday Thread

    Sparkes and Richardson seems to have swapped sides.
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    Oldham Athletic v Exeter City Official Matchday Thread

    Looks like quite a big lad too.
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    Oldham Athletic v Exeter City Official Matchday Thread

    Can we text in requests?