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    Red Legion Disbanded

    Good effort over the last few seasons chaps, but when one door closes another opens. Could the time be right for a return of the YST?
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    Flybe Struggling (as ever)

    Where are you getting those train prices from?!
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    Salford City - Saturday 14th December

    I didn't realise you'd gone Tory, Hants! I think I paid about £17 e/w from Euston but that's with a railcard. Full price fares are crazy.
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    Crawley Vs Exeter City Match Day Thread

    This is League Two, you are going to get League Two referees. This isn’t La Liga (thankfully).
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    Yay or Nay: The Royal Family

    If you look at it objectively it's a ridiculous concept in 2019 but I think the Queen does a pretty good job and it sort of works. Getting rid of the monarchy would probably be more hassle than it's worth.
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    Salford City - Saturday 14th December

    £10 is rather good isn't it!
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    Randell Wins...…..

    Pet hate #3467 people referring to players by their first name! Good goal btw
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    For the David Squires fans among us:
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    Bring Back Alex The Greek

    This seems like an appropriate time to post this: FWIW I think Grecian the Lion does a great job!
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    Ah. Things are a little different in Central Devon!
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    I'd imagine you should be able to get a pass- is there a specific allocation? When I was campaign organiser in the 2015 election it was literally just me, the election agent (who knocked off early) and the candidate, no one else wanted to come. The result wasn't announced until about midday on...
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    Bradford City v Exeter City official matchday thread

    Anyone know how he gets to games these days? I can’t imagine he is allowed on the Jubby bus.
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    They could well be being disingenuous, but it's not actually lying!
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    What have they said?
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    I think that's partly fair, but politics has go to toxic these days that a lot of the more moderate types just don't need the hassle anymore. I read "Why we get the wrong politicians" and it was very insightful.