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    Exeter City v Hartlepool Utd FA Cup 2nd Round Official Match Day Thread

    Sweeny doing himself no favours to endear himself to the fans who were unhappy with his performance. Instead of getting on with it he just kept mouthing “Go f*ck yourself” in their direction.
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    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    Ampadu starts tonight in the Champions League!
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    Cambridge v Us match day thread. FA CUP 1st rd.

    Looks like Chrisene could be involved today as well.
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    Team of the Decade

    I’d go: —————Pym—————— Ribiero-Taylor-Ampadu-Golbourne ——- Noble—-Grimes————- Wheeler—-Harley——Watkins ————- Cureton————- Special mention to Gow, Stockley, Stacey, Law, JMT and TAH.
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    Cambridge United v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    I feared for Collins when he was subbed for Nigel on Saturday in terms of who will be first choice in the future. Nigel better be good! Hoping Archie Collins can come on and play a more attacking role now mind.
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    Former Players

    I’m sure he played for the first team. Didn’t he set up a stoppage time goal for Law after it looked like the ball was going out of play, yet he didn’t give up on it. Away somewhere...
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    Taylor turns down approach from other club

    Good news he's keen to stay. Who from then...
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    Former Players

    Jack Stacey makes his premier league debut today against Everton.
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    Jack Sparkes

    I was a full back by choice. Idolised Gary Neville. But you know that no one wants to be one.
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    Jack Sparkes

    This definitely isn’t true.
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    Jack Sparkes

    Ashley Cole too. Used to be a striker.
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    Aaron Martin new signing

    No idea how this must be calculated, but shows he’s doing something right. I’ve been pretty impressed with him this year and definitely think our defence looks better as a three.
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    Jack Sparkes

    Jack has basically developed in the same way that Gareth Bale has in terms of positions, just backwards. I still wouldn’t be surprised to see him lined up in a more attacking role in the future.
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    Best and worst - shady pasts and great celebrations

    We had Anton Rogers here when he was currently being accused of rape. I don’t really remember much being said about it at the time.