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    Joel Randall

    That’s clearly rubbish.
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    Boateng signs for MK Dons

    I’d say that’s a fair price. He’s done nothing since leaving.
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    January Transfer Window Ins Outs And Rumours

    Yeah Stockley is coming back, and as of tomorrow the NHS is getting £350m a week extra.
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    League 2 News

    Not even in Bradford’s squad, so looking likely, unfortunately.
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    Former Players

    A good article here about Kyle Edwards. May need to be subscribed to view.
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    Ollie Watkins

    They decide who plays for them based on how much they cost, rather than ability.
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    Ollie Watkins

    Ollie linked with Chelsea and Brentford trying for Toney. Unsure I believe there is anything in the Chelsea link.
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    Red Legion Disbanded

    My only problem with this whole thing is that the ‘scene’ respects petty criminals who steal a flag more than someone’s want to do it. If you were not wanting to do it then that’s absolutely fair enough. Echo what people said in terms of you guys were making a great atmosphere, especially in...
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    Red Legion Disbanded

    Can someone explain this culture to me?
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    Swindon v ECFC

    Rotherham have just recalled Yates. So their two top Goalscorers This season are no longer there.
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    Jay Stansfield

    Nice mention of Jay on the transfer talk program on sky sports news today. Saying he is a potential replacement for Mitrovic who’s injured. Mentioned how he was signed in the summer from us, with the presenter saying “so big shoutout to Exeter”.
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    January Transfer Window Ins Outs And Rumours

    Surely just a 6 month loan deal. Anything else is just getting in the way of Sparkes’ development. Unless it’s also with a view of a Lee Holmes replacement, who unless proves his worth in the last half of the season will most likely be let go.
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    Famous people at the Park

    There was the guy from The Walking Dead a few years back.
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    January Transfer Window Ins Outs And Rumours

    Without looking, I don’t remember Ajose’s stats being very good at his previous two clubs.
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    January Transfer Window Ins Outs And Rumours

    It’s been posted by Pete O’Rourke. He’s usually pretty reliable for the lower leagues.