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    Ben Chrisene

    Conversely the lad could carry on here and potentially not make it to our first team and be let go at 19 with limited prospects, or he could go to a premier league side's U23s and earn enough money to buy a house, car and a sustainable future even if he doesn't make it as a footballer. I don't...
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    Virgin Connect

    Suspect it means the end of the relationship. makes sense for Flybe to market in this way, but the Virgin brand isn't likely to justify the same strategy. As a side question, if we were looking for a new sponsor, would you be happy if it were a gambling brand? (The odds are it will be!) Would...
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    Taylor turns down approach from other club

    Blimey. What a stroppy fellow!
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    The florets joke at the Edinburgh festival.

    he makes a good point...
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    The florets joke at the Edinburgh festival.

    I have my doubts that anyone was really that offended...but I went and read the article on the BBC and now I know more about Tourrette's...maybe it is, in part at least, a charity (and a comedian with Tourrette's) seizing an opportunity for free, nationwide publicity?
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    Jonathan Forte ?

    in both instances, I shouldn't imagine the pay out will be tremendous as he is already 33 - we might have a policy which helps pay his wages if he is injured, but i would have thought his claim to the PFA that he is retiring early is unlikely to yield much as he would have like;y retired in the...
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    Jonathan Forte ?

    not sure he would see it that way...he wont get another contract it seems so wouldn't blame him for staying on and collecting his wages while he prepares for a life beyond football.
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    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    I did consider this as a possibility. I looked up all of the legal ramifications and came up with a pretty conclusive answer...then I found out that Leipzig Zoo hasn't had a polar bear for years, so your point is frankly ridiculous.
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    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    Coleman Ballz - I assure you the confusion here in Clapham is greater than that in Countess Wear. I doubt very much that we will see any payment from the loan fee. Even a sum of £2m will be made up in part by his wages. Lets say the Loan fee is £2m, half of which is made up with Ethan's...
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    EFL Trophy - do we need to enter? Having been able to forget about this thing for the second half of last season, this has just reminded me that it will be rearing its ugly head again come August. Does anyone know if we are actually obliged to enter? is it compulsory with EFL...
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    Summer 2019 - Possible signings Not saying we would or should, but I always liked Mr. Dunne...
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    Stevenage v Exeter City Match Day Thread

    Are we able to watch this one on the player from the UK? Or just radio?
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    Troy Brown Knee Surgery

    I heard that was always her Achilles heel
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    Very clever idea?

    Agree that the idea of a shop or a bar is a whole other issue, with far greater expense and risk. The idea of the vending machine struck me as a workable alternative. Realistically on match days I am unlikely to go into the club shop and buy a shirt. As a millennial (sorry everyone) I am used...
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    Ben Seymour

    Living in London it can be a bit tricky to just pop along.