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    Update on the SJP works

    However remember many a scuffle breaking out at the back where the choir was based and often the sound of running footsteps along the walkway at the back
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    Update on the SJP works

    Happy Memories
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    Grecian Archive & ECFC Museum

    Really good work this excellent set of Stats well done to all involved in pulling this together brought back some memories of away ties I attended back in the late 70's and 80's - the magic of the cup lives on - lets hope this years record shows us getting beyond round 1
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    Cambridge v Us match day thread. FA CUP 1st rd.

    He was unsighted
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    I'm bored. Anyone fancy a virtual **** up?

    Cheers All
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    Cambridge v Us match day thread. FA CUP 1st rd.

    Your idea of freefall is a little different to mine :unsure:
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    Exeweb Beat The Bookie 2019/20 Season

    In that case could be my best week so far :)
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    Trust Election - Al Yates Nomination Details and Q&A Thread

    Al you have dug a hole for yourself bigger than the Euro Tunnel you do not help your cause in anyway by going on about yourself all the time I am not interested in what qualifications you have or how successful your Business is. Your use of constant management speak is a real turn off - it's...
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    Is it too early .....

    I should see the doctor I am sure there is something you can take for that
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    Did you know...

    So did snooker player John Parrot
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    Manager Thread redux

    Youv'e Been Gone Too Long
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    Manager Thread redux

    His new challenge is with AFC Fylde
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    November 2019 Points Prediction Thread

    02/11 A Bradford City 1-1 16/11 H Cheltenham 2-1 Win 23/11 A Crawley 2-1 Win 7 Points it is
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    Exeter City v Plymouth Argyle official matchday thread

    It was obviously an Argyle fan as most of them had left by the time the draw was made 😀👋👋👋