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    Obituary Thread

    Chester Williams South African Rugby Union Winger and 1995 World Cup Winner - Aged 49
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    Did you know...

    Former Arsenal and Nigerian Footballer Nwankwo Kanu was extremely quick through water
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    Politics Today

    I concur
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    England's Ashes Test Team

    What about Craig :unsure:
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    music quiz redux

    Too Many Broken Hearts - Jason Donor Van
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    Did you know...

    and a whole lot of loving at Lustleigh
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    music quiz redux

    Is the 3rd one the Rolling Stones :D
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    Exeweb Beat The Bookie 2019/20 Season

    £30 Colchester /Newport Win Double £20 Carlisle / Exeter Draw Ta
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    League 2 News

    Poor Old Wednesday
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    Exeter v Chelt'num - Trophy - Matchday Thread

    Serious question have you actually watched the second clip ? 'Standing with his arms at is sides minding his own Business' 😲
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    September 2019 Points Prediction Thread

    07/9 Away Carlisle - 1-1 Draw 14/9 Home Leyton Orient - 2-1 Win 17/9 Home Port Vale 1-0 Win 21/9 Away Newport 2-0 Loss 28/9 Home Grimsby 2-1 Win Another 10 Points In the Bag
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    Exeter City v Mansfield Town Matchday Thread

    Hopefully keep the unbeaten run going today even if it is a point- Not bothered about being top at 5 O'clock it's too early in the season for all that it's all abut putting in a good performance with hopefully some reward for our efforts - COYR
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    Kellows Bootlaces

    The Virtual Graveyard ?
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    Exeweb Beat The Bookie 2019/20 Season

    £30 Forest Green / Newport - Draw Ta
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    Kellows Bootlaces

    Ward or Maxted ?